first off, i usually run warframe around 60 frames per second, 35 at the very worst. while doing the Vortex+Ignis strategy, i noticed that in 4 games in a row on Xini, on either wave 10 or wave 15ish, every time the host would experience major lag, pc lag and not internet lag, and after a moment host migration would occur. after migrating, the frames would suddenly drop and the game would start running at 1< frame per second, unable to collect energy or deal damage do enemies, even though the pod receives damage normally. i cant heal anybody, and the host migration will occur again (if im not host, and if there is at least one person with me) but the game will hang, forcing me to manually close it.

after 4 times i have replicated it perfectly. it dosn't bug or glitch the game until a certain number of times using it, and there is no excess of bodies or particles floating around, and certainly no more then wave 2 or 3. 

it really annoys me because every time i reach a high level in defense or survival, the bug will cause the host to have a massive drop in frames and cause a migration, in which either you will be alone, or the cycle will continue until you are the last one in game or the game crashes. 

wish i could be more specific, im just angry i wasted playing 2 hours of Xini and only getting the xp that DE servers managed to scrap while in-game. so a big waste.

Note: this does NOT have to do with the fact it is an "exploit", as the extra damage to ragdolling is probably intended by DE anyway. the issue is the lag or bottling resulting in using the strategy, sometimes causing this lag issue even after vortex has dissipated. i would like to add, that the frame rate drop will continue until host migration or until you close the game, so it does not relate to enemies in vortex. And after getting cut from the host if you make it to extraction (animation is slowed to a point where the character will just start to step in when it says connection was lost), warframe will literally mess up my internet connection. i will be disconnected from the warfame servers and i will be unable to use internet for a good 5 minutes or so as it refreshes. its a major bug, argue about it all you want but the exploit has nothing to do with this serious issue.

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