This is a blog designed to discuss and test various situations involving the Shield Osprey reward from Cephalon Suda. I hope to update this with more information from the comments below and/or my own testing results. I also placed this on the forums here as well, if you wish to comment there and hopefully give the issues of this testing more light.

My first test occurred yesterday, and i was testing what Mind Controlled enemies could benefit from the shield bonus against Grineer enemies and this was the result.

The Heavy units Bombards, Napalms, and Heavy Gunners do not seem to actually gain any shield bonus, even though the osprey will connect to them if they are mind controlled by Nyx. I found this pretty odd, and this may be a bug. Drahk Masters and their spawned Drahks while being mind controlled will however obtain the shield bonus.

Ones i didn't test include the following: Flameblade, Powerfist, Guardsman, Hellion, Eviscerator, Grineer Target, and Warden, mostly due to the high level (difficult to do decent testing without being blown up or bled to death).

Ironically, Latchers can also gain the shield bonus (when spawned by a mind controlled Seeker.) All other light or medium units gained the shield bonus when in range normally.

coming soon: corpus testing


As far as i can tell every Infested unit can bonus from the shield increase, including Maggots either mind controlled or spawned from mind controlled Brood Mothers. Boilers could gain shield, but while mind controlled they never spawned spawn pods, even on death from the ability ending, however.


  • Shielded Latcher Buddies :3
  • Shielded Maggot Buddies :D


i have a steady supply of shield ospreys to do testing, i have 100 in reserve and more as i level up Arbiters of Hexis, so this is not an issue however i refuse to use more than 1 at once, they may be expendable but not cheap (at least for me).

Remember that the shield osprey specter will prioritise following the target with the highest threat level (this is my assumption) including the pod in defense or another specter, however they do not follow this rule with mind controlled targets and will simply float to a group of enemies and be easily destroyed, as the specters are terribly weak by themselves if enemies target them. be sure to place another specter so it follows it closely, otherwise it will ruin any testing you do when it goes off on a suicide run.

With Grineer, due to their Impact damage focused weapons, a shield osprey on it's own stands little chance of surviving, especially when shot by a Ballista or Heavy Gunner. It may survive better against Corpus but keep in mind they also have shield ospreys, to essentially cancel out the bonus shield your allies get, in that sense. For Infested, Tar-Mutalist MOAs and Swarm-Mutalist MOAs can easily almost one shot the poor thing, making it futile to use on Infested missions now.

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