Hello, first i want you to know that this is an opinion blog and any positive or negative aspects of any of these weapons are based on my personal experiences, and you may have had completly different ones. I am here to say more then "this is good and this weapon is bad", and i will provide my experiences below for each.

Soma Assault Rifle

The Soma assualt rifle is a Tenno-made rifle, meaning enemies do not have the ability to wield it. As such, it is more powerful then some enemy weapons that share a similar feel to them as the Soma, including the Grineer Grakata and the Corpus Supra.

The Advantages of the Soma 

  • Very accurrate for an assault rifle, even at full spool it can stay on target, unlike it's similar counterparts.
  • Has a very short spool-up time, and as such, can be used as a semi auto or burst rifle to save ammo and get headshots more easily
    • this can be a disadvantage to some, but realistically this spool up time is it's advantage more then it's weakness
  • Very high crit rate and damage, and even greater potential of each. over 80% critical chance and over 600% critical damage
    • And with multishot, this makes the vast majority of your shots hit critcal
  • 2 V attack polarity slots, perfect for high damage and multishot mods, only 1 or 2 forma max is needed to max out a damage build because of this

The Disadvantages of the Soma 

  • Low base damage (of only 10) just above the Grakata. without decent damage mods or critical chance/damage mods, the Soma's low damage starts to expose itself more 
  • Requires 7 Morphics to build
  • Blueprint costs 50,000 credits, far more then most weapons
  • Bad ammo economy. even when using burst fire tactics, against heavy units, lots of enemies, or simply long missions, you will find yourself running out of ammo very quickly, even with a max Ammo drum mod on.
    • This can be countered slightly by having the Rifle Scavenger Aura equipped and/or the Rifle ammo mutation mod, both can greatly improve ammo consumption
  • As with most weapons that fire as quickly as the Soma, firing into crowds can cause ammo to be wasted by hitting dead enemies, or bullets simply going to either side of the enemy.
    • as such, very close quarters use on full-auto is discouraged

What do you think of it overall?

While considering the disadvantages over the advantages, and using it for myself on high level enemies (around 70-100 of all factions) i personally love the Soma. its powerful, reliable, and as long as you dont spray and pray too often, the Soma can be a great alternative to the Supra and Gorgon rifles.

Do you recomend it? If so, who?

yes, to any player looking for a high damage weapon that is good for any faction and can hold up with other more powerful weapons

Warframe Soma and Seer on High level Infested survival06:46

Warframe Soma and Seer on High level Infested survival

Soma and Seer on high level infested survival-solo

Ether Reaper

The Ether Reaper is a melee scythe weapon with an axe-like blade, capable of quickly slicing through enemies. Has the same movement animations as the Hate and Reaper prime, and as such can deliver faster hits over some other heavy weapons. However, the Ether reaper does not ignore armor on regular swings, but ill get back to that in a second.

The Advantages to the Ether Reaper

  • Innate stunning capabilities on all attacks (less on charge attacks). This rate is not 100% for about half of most enemies, but is devastating for infested chargers as regular attacks can stun them often, as well as the unusual bonus of stunning or knocking down infested chargers 100% of the time while using jump attacks. this knockdown has a delay on most enemies but chargers do not have this delay, meaning constant stunlocking.
  • Fast attacks for a heavy weapon
  • Charge attacks are also effected by Fury, so regular and charge attacks are greatly sped up using just one mod, saving room for others
  • One "V" attack polarity, ideal for either Fury to speed up attacks or Killing Blow for charge damage
  • Regular attacks can sometimes prevent you from being stunned by enemies (most people say most or the majority of the time, but it is actually just sometimes)
  • Deals 3x damage to light infested. fully modded with fire mods and armor piercing damage (for leapers and chargers mostly) it can quickly dispatch mid level enemies (around level 50) easily. Runners take the full damage of the weapon as they do not have any armor.

The Disadvantages to the Ether Reaper

  • Regular attacks do not ignore armor. this makes it a poor choice against grineer or infested ancients as they have very high armor, even with maximum armor piercing (150%) it will still lack against these enemies the higher level they are.
  • Low charge damage for a heavy weapon. as such, builds focusing on charge damage may lack, and using regular attacks may prove more useful.
  • Very slow finisher move. although being a light looking blade weapon, the finisher move on downed enemies acts like the Fragor's, being very slow and bulky. doing a jump attack in a group of enemies can further complicate things when you do a finisher on an enemy, it may cause you to take alot of damage.
  • Weapon is aimed toward Infested. the 3x damage to infested makes it ideal for them, but it will fall short on other enemies, especially grineer as they have much more armor. 
  • Blueprint costs 50,000 credits, more then most weapons.

What do you think of it overall? 

Although the lack of armor ignore likes to show it's ugly head alot (and no, this isnt breaking lore, the Ether Daggers also do not ignore armor!) it is a decent weapon for corpus and devastating against infested. against grineer it lacks but with the right setup grineer under level 50 should still be killed without too much effort (besides heavy units)

Do you recomend it? if so, to who?

Yes, to any player who couldnt get the hate or reaper prime (or liked them) and want a cool looking alternative.


The Kama is a sickle like melee weapon that behaves like the Machete in it's attack animations. The Kama is a short ranged weapon, with the feel of a heavy weapon.

The Advantages of the Kama

  • High damage for a short range weapon
  • 3x to light infested- runners take the full damage due to having 0 armor
  • Fairly fast attack speed relative to damage
  • Innate stun on normal attacks - not 100% but often

The Disadvantages of the Kama

  • Normal attacks do not ignore armor, although attack speed is decent.
  • Attack animation is awkward, attacks will slow you down to a walking pace, so chasing enemies can be difficult.
    • this is further amplified by warframe speed, frost for example has a slow walking speed and as such, will move very slowly while walking foreward and using the Kama. Loki moves the fastest when using it.
    • corpus usually move around faster overall then grineer (not faster then infested, but the 3x damage compensates) so it is even harder to chase and melee at the same time when fighting them.
  • Low charge damage
    • you ironically move faster while charging the weapon then using normal attacks, so charge attacks may be the best option
  • Tiny AoE knockdown, must land on top of enemy to knock them down
  • Essentially single target. can hit more with reach, but only if clumped together.

What do you think overall?

I have to be blunt. i dont like it. when compared to the Ether reaper, it also does not ignore armor, but you can move faster while using the Ether reaper then you can with the kama, it has higher charge damage, and it has a knockdown. overall, it is good for light infested, but due to the single target nature and short range, it is still a poor choice unless you have iron skin or trinity's Blessing/Link as other infested can tear you up quickly.

Do you recomend it? if so, to who?

I do not recomend it, you are better off going with the Ether reaper instead. i recomend the Kama to anyone looking for a short ranged light infested killer, and preferably someone who does not take meleeing enemies as a top priority.

Notice 4 U

Again, this is opinion, and there has been alot of people comenting on pages and blogs lately that accuse people of being babies, noobs, or idiots who don't know what they are doing. you have the right to disagree with me, you probably find the Kama the best melee weapon ever. Thats great, i would like to hear your opinions and experiences on the weapons, regardless of it being the same as mine. Because again, i formed these opinions based on me actually using the weapons on each faction, for extended periods of time. :)

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