I havn't made a blog post in over two months and blogs have been pretty far between lately, so i thought i would shake up the blogs section a bit with some fun content i have made on my Youtube channel, as well as describing some of the videos.

Riven Mods

First up, i wanted to update anyone who doesn't subscribe to my Youtube with some of the Riven Mods videos i have produced to showcase some decent or great rolls i have gotten for some weapons.


Akzani Riven Mod Compacted, Pressurized Magazine01:32

Akzani Riven Mod Compacted, Pressurized Magazine

I've always like the Akzani pistols, despite them being low damage. They are decently accurate at medium range compared to similar bullet hose auto pistols, has okay damage, and has a really nice sound and reload animation.

With this riven mod, it adds a good amount of multishot, increasing status chance, Heat damage, and also adds a ton of punch through. The damage increases to the point where i can use the weapon comfortably in most of the start chart and a little beyond, which is perfect for me when i just want to mess around and have fun. It does reduce the magazine, but it's still large even with the reduction.


Viper Riven Mod High Quality Ammunition01:31

Viper Riven Mod High Quality Ammunition

To start, i prefer the normal Viper over the Twin Wraith Vipers because it's a little more accurate (better for getting much needed critical headshots) and with it's augment Stinging Truth the magazine is a little larger than the wraith version as well as the occasional healing and AoE weakening of enemies.

With this riven mod, it's one of the few that had +damage that i decided to keep, for the simple fact that the status is almost non existent on the viper, so base damage and/or crits is recommended. It gives over 400% base damage, Reduces the reload time to lighting fast speeds, but reduces the duration of status procs to 20% of their normal duration. Since status procs will hardly occur anyway, this reduction is okay.


Seer Riven Mod Double The Pain02:00

Seer Riven Mod Double The Pain

The Seer used to be one of my favorite pistols, but with the addition of some other fun pistols that i started to enjoy more, it has fallen a bit even with this riven mod, but nonetheless it's a great mod.

Normally i would have went for multishot, however the combination of the slow fire rate, low magazine, and sluggish reload speed, i opted for +damage due to shots between too infrequent for the status chance to be worth it for stacking corrosive. That being said, the status effects last alot longer, which if you watch the video lets viral procs last long enough to not end before the enemies are killed.


Detron Riven Mod MOAR BOOLETS01:13

Detron Riven Mod MOAR BOOLETS

Again, as usual, i like the Detron (The Mara Detron) weapon and this just made it a bit better. As far as secondary shotguns are concerned the brakk is better for damage, and the akbronco prime is better against armor, but this sits nicely in the middle.

Sadly, since the Detron has a faint riven disposition, all riven mods for the weapon are going to be fairly weak. As you see in the video, despite adding multishot, toxin and cold damage, the increase in killing power is pretty mild. Not much else to really say, its a mild upgrade.

Twin Gremlins

Twin Gremlins Riven Long Lasting Critical Pain (Warframe)02:12

Twin Gremlins Riven Long Lasting Critical Pain (Warframe)

The Twin Gremlins are pretty solid pistols for most of the star chart, but struggled past normal missions and into endless ones, mostly due to the average damage.

With this riven mod, i managed to get a great amount of crit chance, and a good amount of crit damage. While only 10% at base, i got the crit chance to around 43% and crit damage to 4.5 with my almost maxed primed crit mods. When hitting the head, it does significantly more damage and the status duration helps to keep procs lasting longer. It's one of those interesting riven mods which completely changes how a weapon can be built toward.


Riven Revenge Heavy Hitting Kraken Riven Mod (Warframe)02:25

Riven Revenge Heavy Hitting Kraken Riven Mod (Warframe)

(Note: voiced at the beginning)

The Kraken is still my favorite secondary, due to the sound, perfect amount of recoil, and satisfaction it brings when getting both bullets to hit the head of an enemy, resulting in the satisfying "crunch" that ensues with a kill.

This riven mod is an upgrade from my previous one, and adds a significant amount of damage and multishot. Enough in fact, that i used this on a T4 (level 40+ orokin enemies) defense fissure while leveling up another weapon, and it handled well up until level 70 enemies. The eximus resisted it a ton though, but that is because alot of eximus end up resisting all damage except their non-eximus most vulnerable damage types, and the heavy impact of the weapon doesn't help that.

Other Stuff

Can I Has Buff Series

The 'Can I Has Buff' videos are part of a short series i am making on weapons that i feel are in need of a buff or a rework. I talk about the weapon, including it's release date and other information, talk about how it preforms, and then i offer 2 or more suggestions that i personally feel would help the weapon or even just make it more fun to use.

Here is my most recent video in the series, and you can find the full playlist Here if your interested in this sort of thing.

Can I Has Buff The Stug (Warfame)05:11

Can I Has Buff The Stug (Warfame)


Funny Stuff

Random videos i have produced, mostly just in good fun or taking advantage of memes and whatnot.

Thanks for taking the time to watch these videos! Please feel free to discuss the Riven mod videos or funny videos in the comments below!

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