First off, i want to list the most major changes and provide links as necessary, as the Information box on the front page can only hold so much information.

New Additions


Say Hello To SuperKavat

  • Okina dual dagger melee
    • Okina Master Pack can be purchased in market that includes weapon and Spinning Needle stance
  • Selected pictures that can be displayed around your ship
  • Archwing slots and weapon slots (purchased from market)
  • New Amesha archwing
  • New Cyngas burst arch gun
  • New Agkuza arch melee
  • Forma available in packs of 3 from market for 35 platinum (you save 25 platinum)
  • New Void Traces resource that drops from eximus enemies in new Void Fissure mission types. These mission types are the new way to obtain Prime technology.


  • Void Keys have been turned into Void Relics (the name of page should change to just "Relic"). These relics can be used to obtain rewards previously available in the void in "Void Fissure" missions. Closing the fissure in the mission and extracting will reward an item from that Relic's drop table and consume the relic.
  • These relics can be "Refined" with Void Traces to increase the relic's rarity. This is essentially a way to change a relic from a type that offers rewards you dont want, to a higher tier that contains chances for items you do want.
  • Star chart received a massive overhaul, now follows linear pathing that must be completed in order to reach the next node. Navigation segments may no longer be awarded to reach new planets, instead they may simply have to complete the path in order.
  • Junctions exist between planets that offer rewards after completing certain challenges listed. The Junction on Earth to reach Mars for example rewards the Void Relic Segment that is used to refine relics.
  • Missions have also been drastically moved around, swapped, or even deleted. Mimas, Saturn no longer exists, Draco on Ceres is now a survival mission, etc. Mars is now controlled by the grineer and the Grineer Settlement tileset has been moved here to compensate. Phobos is now controlled by the Grineer and Captain Vor/Lech Kril battle has been moved to Exta, Ceres.

Stealth Changes

Changes not listed in patch notes

  • Napalms now can deal friendly fire damage to their allies. Enemies will try to stay clear of the patches of fire as a result, and when near a napalm the napalm will back up to avoid hitting himself. Note that the blast does not hurt allies or himself, just the fire left by the napalm.
Warframe New AI Changes In Specters Of The Rail Update

Warframe New AI Changes In Specters Of The Rail Update

  • Nightwatch Corps enemies have vanished from codex and no longer appear.
  • Ogris visual recoil and kick has been changed to match the recoil when used by the Bombard
Specters Of The Rail Update Ogris Fire Recoil Reduced

Specters Of The Rail Update Ogris Fire Recoil Reduced

  • The speed you are able to move forward while using your melee weapon was severely cut. With quick melee dual daggers, you will move about 1 meter every 3 seconds now. Trying to chase enemies who are backing up or running away with quick melee is now impossible.


  • The void has been opened up and now includes new nodes that you must complete. However, these nodes do not currently count towards solar map xp or progress, so completing them will not give you any mastery points at this time. DE may have to run a script in the future to give people who have them completed mastery points as nodes should give you mastery xp. Hotfix 7 (July 14) has fixed this issue. You should now be able to select the normal mission if the node currently has a special mission accompanying it.

My Thoughts

  • Generally speaking the update is still a bit overwhelming, but i think i like it more than i dislike it. A few things that i don't like is now missions will automatically put you in a squad when clicked on, instead of selecting it then letting you start the mission whenever you want. In addition, missions that have nightmare modes, alerts, or void fissures can no longer be selected to play their normal variant (a nightmare mode can only be played in nightmare mode now and alerts must be completed before playing the normal mission). It is unknown if this is related to the issue where you automatically play the mission when you select it.

Saturn and Ceres were generally swapped, ceres now has it's enemy level at the same level saturn used to be, and saturn is now harder. Mimas has been deleted and Cassini is now capture, with the only survival mission now being Titan. This annoys me alot because i have been playing saturn survivals the most since i don't like high tier content anymore due to it being boring to spam my keys all the time, and lower levels were just boring. Now i have to move to draco, ceres to do my mid-level survivals but now i expect more higher levels players to be there who often just run around the entire map for no regard for other players possible need for shared xp.

Kavats seem interesting but a waste of time imo, but mostly because i use weapons that chew threw ammo and i need to be able to suck it all up instead of zigzagging the entire time. I also dislike that some quests are required to unlock junction rewards, even if you already have the items from said quest if you purchased them from the market with plat.

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