they must have changed the extraction function in survival again. sometimes only 2 people can be in the exit and the mission will end, and just now, we all decided to leave together, and we were basically just a few meters behind each other, and we instantly leave the moment (perhaps the host?) reaches the extraction point. even though i was following them and there was plenty of oxygen, i didn't get any credits. the game basically acted as if i was far away from extraction. that really made me mad :/ i don't need the credits but the fact that they didn't give me any puzzled me. 

they probably made it so if the host reaches extraction, or the host+another player, the game will end. i forgot if i got bonus xp or not, i am pretty sure i did. 

anyone else have this problem since the newest hotfix?

Edit: confirmed as being changed back so half the team can end the game. 

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