A little more editing went into this video, about 45 minutes of work cutting placing the right clips in order. I reuse clips alot but after an hour of footage i didn't really have any good shots where deathcube (sentry) kills an enemy without 500 grineer slashing me up or blasting me with rockets.

Warframe Meet The Vauban-101:27

Warframe Meet The Vauban-1

Also my other two previous mashups of Rhino/Heavy and Ember/Pyro if you haven't watched them. I really want to redo my Ember mashup but when i made the video you could have cold+fire, which made enemies death animations slower, letting me film precious seconds of them dying and not just instantly exploding.

Warning for the rhino video: halfway through the volume increases so i recomend turning it down. (rip headphone users)

Warframe I Am Heavy Weapons Guy, And This Is My Gorgon00:34

Warframe I Am Heavy Weapons Guy, And This Is My Gorgon

Warframe Meet The Ember (Meet The Pyro Warframe)-000:34

Warframe Meet The Ember (Meet The Pyro Warframe)-0


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