Important info before reading:

  • Tips are based on my playstyle and have been generalized as such
  • As any review i make, it is based on me using it against each faction for a while, to get the feel of it, before making any reviews
  • I have a bias, as i enjoyed Nyx's chaos and mind control when i had her and this is basically a "cooler" kind of both. 

When using nekros, power is everything. i recommend the following setups to a user who has not yet used forma, or does not have/plan using forma. my reasons for not having Soul Punch or Desecrate on each build, i will explain later. Both use energy siphon but due the lack of polarity in the Aura slot, any one will work.

Farming Build

If you are more focused on collecting stuff during the mission, and do not care for the extra 2 enemies given by Shadows of the dead, this setup is a good start.

Screenshot 4

This setup allows 7 clones, max range on terrify, and the ability to use desecrate on enemies. even though its only rank 2, it works just as well and the range helps it get more enemies.

Defense Build

If you are more focused on defending objectives and stopping small groups of enemies with an extra 2 clones by your side, this setup is a good start.

This setup allows 9 clones, normal range on terrify, and soul punch to knock back enemies and perhaps stop enemies from reaching objectives. The focus also bumps up the damage of the rank 2 soul punch to 650 damage.


Tips For Soul Punch

Although not doing a huge amount of damage (lots of powers do more damage, like Ash's shuriken) it is decent at killing non-heavy units and if they are clumped together can knock nearby enemies behind them as well.

That said, even if supplied with plenty of energy, spamming 500 damage to one enemy isn't going to help much when surrounded, or when crowd control is needed more then single target (basically) damage. Good to have to knock down heavy units and a good utility overall, just only use it when necessary, such as an Toxic ancient running up to a defense pod and using it to blast them away. It does however apply a ragdoll effect on enemies, which the Ignis can destroy very quickly, as the damage is applied to all of their body parts while ragdolled. This method only works if the enemy you are using soul punch on is near a wall or obstacle so they ragdoll in front of you. 

Tips For Terrify

Overall it is a fun ability to use, and makes most of the enemies around you flee. however, it seems to have either spotty registration (some enemies won't be affected, often on infested missions where some enemies won't be targeted) or a limit (or both) as it does not always work for the enemies around you. it is best to use this ability against grineer or corpus as it seems to work better against those factions.

Tips For Desecrate

This is a good ability to use if your team needs health or ammo, as both seem to drop often, especially health orbs. This makes the Equilibrium actually effective for gathering energy if you need health, as health orbs normally are alot more rare then energy orbs are. Use on groups of dead enemies that have not been killed by poison (acrid or miasma) or other means of vaporizing, as it may not always work on them. Can be used as a way to harvest energy if enough enemies are in range, sometimes gaining more energy then you used.

Tips For Shadows Of The Dead

This ability combines the ally-inducing effects of Mind Control and the crowd control ability chaos into one handy package. but there are some important things to note before using SOTD, depending on the faction:

For Infested

  • Limit focusing on killing Ancient Disrupters as their melee is near useless and chargers/runners/leapers can stunlock them, making them just a distraction.
  • Limit focusing on Runners, for obvious reasons
  • Toxic Ancients, Ancient Healers, and Chargers should be your top priority, as chargers deal good dps, healers well...heal, and the toxic ancients will deal poison damage to attacking enemies, making them more useful then disrupters.
  • Crawlers should also be avoided but the electric ones are  more useful then the other types.

overall, SOTD is less effective against infested, as it only serves as a tool to draw aggro from objectives, and since they are a melee enemy type they will still reach and attack objectives. but still a very useful tool, either way.

For Corpus

  • Limit focusing on Prod Crewmen as they die rather quickly
  • Limit focusing on Railgun MOAs as their guns are very slow and inaccurate
  • Limit Focusing on Mine Osprey as the mines really don't do alot, as they usually just drop randomly everywhere and enemies rarely hit them. (if they do, they do deal damage however)
  • Focus on regular MOAs, Shield Ospreys, Techs, and Shockwave MOAs more then anything, as each is more useful then crewmen (who don't have extra shields)

Overall SOTD is effective at defending objectives or distracting enemies as your clones will run around, take cover, and spread out, taking on enemies as they come. it is a little less effective against Grineer, but effective either way.

For Grineer

This one is sort of tough to explain and give tips on properly, as most units are useful, and due to AI decreasing,  units will shoot at walls, making them less effective.

  • Limit focusing on Sawmen as their output is sluggish in terms of damage
  • Limit focusing on Rollers, although a few can be useful to stun enemies.
  • Limit focusing on Seekers, as their guns are not as good as the other enemies in terms of DPS. they do however can deploy rollers.

Depending on the level, some heavy units are good, and some are bad. Grineer Napalms are very useful for their very large AoE fire damage, and heavy gunners deal decent damage in close to medium range fights, but they lack against the other units as it seems their guns to not ignore armor to the enemies. Bombard's rockets will home in on enemies but it is slow firing, but good for open areas. Scorch's are great for close quarters as their flamethrowers deal significant damage. 

Overall, SOTD is very effective for grineer at defending objectives or distracting enemies. works well for the grineer defense tileset where you must defend an orokin power core in the middle of an open cave, as the clones will spread out and generally cover the whole area around it. a Frost is still recommended for the higher levels as bullets will still hit the core from stray fire and sawmen will sneak by and bang on it with their machetes till it explodes. 

Although i prefer Vauban for infested defense, and i prefer Frost Prime for corpus defense (ice does double against shields) Nekros is a well balanced frame that suits well for each faction, and i "humbly" recommend him xD

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