I have been playing warframe since a week after they hit open beta, So almost 3 years at this point. I have 1,238,190 Mastery (Rank 22) with 2,764 Hours in game as of me writing this. Despite being high rank and pretty invested into the game, anyone who views my profile in game (superbot34) will notice that the "most used" gear is also the most mediocre or even average, and the stuff that tends to be called the "best" stuff is normally the stuff i use the least.

So how in the world can i enjoy myself if i'm not going up against the same level 150 grineer while using the best weapons in the game? Simple! I find ways to make each mission a bit more fun, by several means that i will explain here, and hopefully prevent or extend the point to where you feel burned out from the game!

Step 1: Unorthadox Builds

As i already explained this in detail on my last blog, i will simply link it Here for you to see fun or wacky builds that i would and am running with to shake things up from the norm.

Step 2: Come Up With Challenges

Coming up with challenges for yourself or your friends is a great way to prevent burnout, by creating a made up goal that takes a while to achieve, or like the one shown below, really tests your ability to survive under stress.

Warframe Challenge Fun Almost Human

Warframe Challenge Fun Almost Human

Another kind of challenge are ones that involved exploiting powers like Bounce from vaubans Minelayer to create a long line of bounce pads where enemies will be launched in the air. The player who use the vauban is not qualified into the challenge as they have to keep other enemies off the team, and kill ones that come too close. The challenge is simple, your buddies can only shoot the grineer that are in the air, and each kill gives one point, and headshot kills are added to the final score as well. Whoever ends up getting the most total points after the mission ends, they win!

Rules as follows: No sentinel weapons or abilities that cause damage, no melee weapon, and no bullet jumping on enemies. Survival on grineer asteroid base maps is a good way to create the challenge but getting enemies to funnel into one spot as well as keeping life support up may be difficult, as well as making sure everyone is honest that they kill only when they are in the air.

Step 3: Oldies But Goodies

Use weapons that are considered to be bad, or even just old weapons nobody uses anymore! I mean, who runs around with a magnus anymore (despite it being really, really good)? Or a normal gorgon? Maxing out a less than high tier weapon and building it for fun (such as max fire rate, very little firerate, etc) is a great way to get the most out of stuff nobody really uses anymore. My second most used secondary is the Kraken for this reason!

Step 4: Roleplay

As a final step that combines unorthaxox builds and adds a little "almost human" element to it, you can attempt to play missions while pretending to be characters from other franchises. A vauban with a Panthera and spectra for example becomes Isaac Clarke from Dead Space (it works the best with normal vauban, and not the chunky prime)


There are many ways to avoid burnout in Warframe, and even after playing the game for almost 3 years i still find the urge to log back on and try some new weapon combination or fun build utilizing weapons or mods normally never used, with often surprising results, like shown here.

Why You Should Be Using Mutalist Quanta (Red Crit Pyrana???)

Why You Should Be Using Mutalist Quanta (Red Crit Pyrana???)

and these!


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