DE is currently experimenting with a brand new UI interface. On the login screen, it will show your character in your own ship, orbiting the planet you last visited. After logging in, you will be able to either simply pull up a visual menu to do the normal things you do now (foundry, weapon selection, etc) or you can physically walk up to terminals and open up visually appealing interactive HUDs, which your 3d warframe will turn his/her head to view. This includes the foundry, which will also have a new version.

A Genetic Foundry will be introduced, in which players can 'craft' the domesticated Kubrow.

Players can obtain add-ons for their ship, such as the new foundry, which players must earn through playing missions of sorts.

I have compiled some pictures below for you to browse if you did not view the devstream 29 clip this is based on. Watch the video --> [1]

  • Login Screen
  • Ship View
  • Quick Menu
  • Planet View With Access To Only Some Planets
  • Full Planet Selection
  • Market
  • Foundry
  • Closup Planet View
  • Void Example
  • Tamed Kubrow Pet In Player Ship

Players won't be restricted to beat levels in concession like we do now, instead have a bit more freedom to be able to go to other planets without having to beat the 'required levels'. how is not explained.


Tamed kubrows will be 'crafted' from the Genetic Foundry, which must be acquired by unknown means, and must be cared for like a real genetic creature. They won't be able to die, but neglecting them will hinder their combat performance. No word on whether we can ride them or not haha ;)


  • Very beautiful UI interface, crisp colors, and the interaction by your character adds to the realism effect.
  • Brings the game up to date from it's old system and gives players a greater 'feel' to the game, like their character is physically in the Warframe universe and is actively piloting a ship to it's destination.
  • Adds lore to the game that previously didn't exist, lore that explains where Tenno are when they are not in their Dojo (which technically isn't apart of the warframe universe anyway, realistically).
  • Adds a personal connection with your character to the game and/or adds a roleplay element. Players who enjoy pretending to actually be their Warframe character will now be able to express that more with this ship.
  • Similar to the updated system, the UI looks very advanced and fits more into the Warframe universe.


  • New UI might take a while to learn, as it has many features and requires more then simply scrolling to view things.
  • The advanced UI may be prone to many bugs. The current UI still to this day has issues with freezing and stalling, adding more advanced features may further this problem.
  • New UI may be a hindrance for players with graphical issues, such as framerate problems, and the new interface may cause a strain on players effectiveness on using it.
  • New UI might cause some actions to take longer to accomplish, such as finding a specific weapon and equipping a specific mod, adding to the time it takes to learn.


most of the cons involve graphical issues or player hindrance, but otherwise are not that big of an issue. Personally, there should be a much larger holographic screen that would pop up that would display everything at once, with a screen vaguely similar to the one we have now, but on a screen itself, so users have the option to very quickly and easily do what they want if they need to do something quickly.

As stated, this is a beta preview, and many changes are in the way with the new system. It will take them several more weeks to churn out the update this will be packed in, so expect rapid changes to the pictures shown.

What do you think about this upcoming system?

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The Kubrow perhaps?

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