• need new picture for Noxious Crawler page to reflect new change- smoke effect
  • kama has new conclave number but i don't have it anymore

What isn't listed in the updates is that now shadowed Shield Ospreys will now grant 100 shield to allies as well as the clones. note that a few weapons are being phased out: Gorgon, Ether Daggers, Boar, and the Machete. they will not be available after 7 days.

Acrid is now effected by energy color! hooray for white poison!

Ignis's flame is now effected by energy color! horray for white flames!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sure Footed finally works on clients now.

"Fixed clients not being able to damage ragdolled enemies with trace fire weapons" i always wondered why i could not kill enemies that were ragdolled by someone else with regular weapons. now you can

Ragdolled enemies now show a health bar as well.

i am down about a few things though, such as

  • Matches you join will be affected by your total mod rank, so if i bring a forma'd weapon it will put me with players that have a lower mod rank if they are available. this isnt the end of the world, but it means if i am using 3 new weapons i won't be teamed up with a rhino who has powerful weapons to compensate for my lack of damage=slighly higher difficulty. not a huge deal though
  • In survival missions, if there is oxygen left, EVERYONE has to be at extraction for the mission to end. if oxygen has been depleted, half have to be at extraction. this is a great thing for farmers or players who want to play a long time (like me, i am not personally down by this) but bad for players who just want to complete the level, or have to leave because they have something to do in real life. even though i am glad this will filter out noobs and allow experienced players to play as long as they want and wont let noobs run to extraction and hide for a minute, it will cause problems with noobs or players with fresh equipment or frames, as they will be forced to endure very high level enemies.
  • Dual ichors charge was apparently actually bugged, and not it's "fixed" :/ i really hate that, i thought for once they wanted it to hold it's charge.
  • the Ragdoll exploit was a bug that was fixed, so the ignis is once again a terrible choice against heavy units

just some random thoughts on the update. i like the fact that sure footed works for me now and that i can change the color of my ignis and acrid, but hate that the ignis/ragdoll trick was not intended by DE, now i will not bring my ignis to anything other then infested :/ and i will still have to use a good secondary to kill ancients.

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