Update 10 introduced alot of cool new features! But with ups, there are downs. 

Check out My other blog for the Soma, Kama, and Ether reaper thoughts if you want.

New Interface

complicated and full of problems relating to the mod system, one being:

  • If you have 4 mod "x"s with all the same polarity, with most or all on different weapons, you cannot equip mod A to weapon A if mod A is on weapon B. why is this a bad thing? it means you have to go through every single one of your weapons and remove the mod from each build until you find the mod.

"How do i change that though?" you may ask. very simple. DE needs to make it so when using Weapon A, mods that are being used for Weapon B can be used for say, your sentinel weapon, if weapon B is not equiped.

Plainly put, just because your flux rifle uses your only maxed serration mod should not make it impossible to use on your sentinel if you do not have the flux rifle equipped (the mod is not being used)

Need A 5 Hour Energy, Tenno? 

5 hour energy

Stamina has been buffed to have a shorter delay and faster recharge, along with other changes as of 10.0.3 (i wasn't the only one who was upset by the change) below is my thoughts before this change:

yeah thats right, stamina nerf. Look, i understand DE's reasons for the stamina change, to make stamina mods "more useful" and make stamina something to build apon. but where does that leave players' builds? personally, i do not want to remove any of the mods on my Trinity as i need all the mods equipped to help my team, and i cannot forma as all the slots are filled. Where does that leave Frost or Rhino? slide attacks with fast melee weapons was really the only efficient way to get around, besides spamming the sprint button while running, which was still even only so effective. now, even with warframes with 1.00 speed, you must alter your builds and focus less on powers and personal safety (shields/health/armor/recharge rate) and more on stamina builds just to either keep up with teamates or so you can melee more (you will stop meleeing once your stamina gets too low, good luck on infested when having fun with the new melee weapons)

But Darthmufin, it "needed to be done".  I agree that stamina needed a second look, but the way they tackled this was not the right approach, as most users suffer from not being able to keep up with players. What could they have done otherwise you ask? how about making a new Aura mod that increases player's stamina, in addition to the delay? of course, that would recieve just as much lashing as this, as Aura is still looked apon with harsh intent. perhaps instead of a delay, simply reduce the total stamina of each warframe, so you can melee as long as you want, slide as much as you want, but when wallrunning, or sprinting, you would need to add mods to compensate. this i think, is a more fair outlook.

Time Is Not On Our Side

Okay, don't get me wrong, the resource requirement for keys isn't too much, and that isn't my complaint here (although it was before they reduced it).

  • The Nav orbs however must be collected and they are collected about as fast as clan resource bundles. [+Time]
  • Each Derilect key requires additional resources. if you don't have them, you must grind even more [+Time]
  • Each Derilect key requires time and credits to build [+Time]
  • Each Derilect mission must be farmed throughly for Golem nav orbs [+Time]
  • Each Derilect assasination mission requires additional resources. if you don't have them, you must grind even more [+Time]
  • Each Derilect assassination mission requires time and credits to build [+Time]
  • J-2000 Golem is no different then any other boss and drops parts randomly, increasing the times you need to do this entire process [+Time]
  • Oh yeah, plust only one key can be made at a time [+Time]

I think by now you get where i am shooting at here, this update is all about Time and Resource farming. Okay, you like farming and you dont mind the grind? great, this blog isn't for you and you are free to go grind some more. But i think i speak for a large chunk of the community (especially after the transition from credit buyable merchandise to nearly all plat-only and blueprints) when i say, i am TIRED of farming. as of right now, i have the mats required to build 50+ derelict keys, so resource farming for me is not an issue, but the rest is. 

Newer players will not be able to obtain Nekros any time soon unless they pay, which seems to be DE's top priority now, money. That's right, i am not one of those people that hovers over new updates posting "GREAT!" "THANKS!" "COOL" or the same in the forums. i take the update for what it's worth in coorelation to my playstyle. 


  • User interface was a much needed change but the style is too extreme, too fast, with mod problems lurking underneath
  • Stamina was changed, but in a way that startled alot of Tenno and forced users to stay slow or ruin builds to keep up with faster players
  • Update was primarily Time-focused, nearly every new item or location needs to be crafted over periods of time, not including the time for farming, if needed.

(i also would like to add, although unrelated, that i am building the Soma, Kama, and Ether reaper, and i will post a blog tomorow or the next day describing the feel and effectiveness of each :) )

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