New Weapons

Primary weapon Tigris - double barrel shotgun

Secondary weapon Cestra -appears to be a corpus machine gun pistol, with a huge barrel.

Melee weapon Lecta appears to be a whip

Sicarus Prime and Glaive Prime

Ember Prime

Valkyr Warframe (Beserker)

i also noticed a new UI change, where it will tabulate damage types as well as main damage. so, if you have ice damage on, it shows how much ice damage you are doing.

Damage Types

put links here to the new damage type pages for easy editing later! official names may change when they come out. If links are red or do not link to the new damage pages it means they have been moved/renamed. will be updated when needed.

Radiation Damage

Blast Damage

Gas Damage

Magnetic Damage

Viral Damage

Corrosive Damage

Damage 2.0 -see this work-in-progress page for the new damage 2.0. the name of the page may change but since the original Damage page is staying up, it needs a different name and damage 2.0 makes sense. Unless the page is changed, anything tagged with "Damage" in catagories should be changed to the Damage 2.0" catagory, but wait until after update 11 has settled a bit. 

Regular damage types will need to be updated also, as fire damage will have a burning effect and electrical damage will actually have the ablility to shock other enemies, but only if they actually proc. 

Fire Damage

Freeze Damage

Electrical Damage

Poison Damage

The "Status" shown in the UI is the Proc chance. that is, the chance for damage or elementals to do the extra effect. 

also a big note, a weapon's damage is split into 3 types, assumingly all adding up to the "total" damage. there is no "base damage" of weapons anymore because of this, and will instead be listed as 3 types of damage. each of these damage types will be directed at a certain enemy type more, so against a specific enemy you will focus on that damage number exclusivly. 

Impact Damage (Current page will probably be overwritten)

Puncture Damage

Slash Damage

so remember, saying weapon B does 'X' damage does not hold much ground anymore as the damage is split into these 3 (sometimes 1 or 2) damage types, and one damage type does more or less damage to certain enemies. 

Damage 2.0 From Forum Post

extreme overhaul on damage pages, and elemental pages. big, big big. here is the copy directly from the forums:

Physical Damage: Impact Puncture Slash Every weapon in the game is made up of a combination of these three damage types. The overall damage of any given weapon is the sum of Impact, Puncture, and Slash damage. Weapons will exhibit a variety of combinations on the Impact, Puncture, and Slash damage spectrum. Mods will affect damage types as decided by the player by their loadout. In short, Weapon Damage = (Impact + Puncture + Slash) Real-life Firearm Metaphor: Impact=Slug; Puncture=Armor Piercing; Slash=Hollow-point. When assigning physical damage aspects to weapons we avoid making them 'pure' (100% in one direction). This ensures you can damage all enemies in the game. Elemental Damage: In addition to the 3 base damage types, Elemental Damage can be applied on top of a weapon’s base damage depending on what Elemental Mods are applied. For some rare weapons, elemental damage is all they have. There are four primary Elemental Damage types:

Heat Cold Electric Toxin Elemental Damage can be applied alone but if you combine primary elements they create new combined elemental damage types! This opens up new possibilities, reduces 'rainbow build' problems and reduces some of the confusing effects like 'frozen guy is on fire'. Combined Elemental Types: To create these combined elements requires mixing two primary elements together:

               Blast (Fire + Cold)
               Gas (Fire + Toxin)
               Radiation (Fire + Electricity)
               Magnetic (Cold + Electricity)
               Viral (Cold + Toxin)
               Corrosive (Electricity + Toxin)

Elemental Damage is applied in addition to a weapon’s physical damage types. Weapon Damage = (Impact + Puncture + Slash) + (Elemental). Elemental Damage Hierarchy & Combining Elementals Elemental damage combinations are made by following a strict order. Fire, Cold, Electric, Toxin.

As an example: If you want Fire damage + Magnetic damage (Cold + Electricity), you will need to split it between weapons because when a Fire Mod enters the mod loadout any other elementals will combine with it as it is first in the hierarchy.

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