(will be updated when needed)

I said i wasn't going to purchase the very spendy Proto Armor skin for Excalibur....... (150 platinum)

I lied.

I have an obsession with rare items in the game and even though i cried at parting with half of my remaining platinum on just a visual skin....ill just have to live with it D:


Default color scheme for the proto armor


Anyway, just in case if you haven't bought it yet, if you choose to wear the skin you cannot wear alternative helmets, the option will disappear with the skin on. If you put a helmet on first, and then change the skin, it will remove the helmet affects as if it wasnt there. So keep that in mind when buying it, you can't use helmet bonuses.

Regardless of that fact, i LOVE the skin. granted, i stabbed my wallet with a well sharpened galatine to get it and it's bleeding platinum, but still worth it. I never played Dark Sector enough to enjoy it like alot of people, but i did play it enough to really enjoy the concept of the game, especially the concept of the technocyte virus. Basically, this proto armor skin replicates what hayden tenno looks like, along with excalibur now appearing to be wearing a suit with physical armor. 

"Lore" teaser on description of armor:

"Discovering the precise nature of this recently uncovered armored prototype has proved elusive. Initial attempts at dating point to ancient origins, perhaps even predating Orokin Empire"

Basically teasing around the idea of Dark Sector having a reference to Warframe. Re-introducing a theme in a game that worked well, but didn't exactly produce the game they really wanted, in a game that has: Warframe. (The two games have a similar them but they generally do not exist in the same timeline, as DE have said in the past, warframe didn't start out with hayden tenno at all and instead started differently).

Dex Furis

I actually use the normal Furis lately. It may not deal the most damage, but it is still close to similar weapons (vipers, askilleto perhaps) but the point is that it is deadly accurate compared to them. The afuris i stay away from, although i have used it, because the accuracy is lost which is why the Furis shines. The Dex Furis is also reduced in accuracy, no better than the afuris in my opinion, but it feels better. It feels better, sounds better, and the visuals are what an afuris should be. Plus, the 100 mag size is a huge plus, 30 more than the afuris.

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