As i am writing this i am at 5% completed, so i have yet to actually play and test out these new features, but here are some points that stood out to me.

New Warframe: Inaros (aka ZephurTornado+NekrosSOTD+HydroidUndertow)

From the highlight video he seems like he would be pretty fun, and i'm sure people with great internet have already downloaded it and bought him to try him out, i would love to hear how he actually plays.

The ability to toss sand in enemies faces just makes me laugh uncontrollably, i mean i am giggling to myself just thinking about it, the concept is just so unbelievably silly. The fact that you can do a finisher on them seems pretty nice though.

His ultimate sounds a little shady as well as the "Devour" ability in the sense that you use your health or health and shields to create or enhance the power. Does this make Equilibrium mandatory on this frame as a result?

What i find a little unfortunate in my opinion is Inaros now can turn into a tornado, which is what i think zephur should have been able to do as her ultimate, but i guess it's too late to change it now.

Pew Pew

The weapons seem fine but i just have a nagging frustration whenever i see a reskin or a new "version" of another weapon. Another cernos bow? Another Tipedo? I was hoping for something brand new but i am guessing they have more infested content planned in the future so they need to start planning now? Either way, the Lesion and Mutalist Cernos blueprints can be bought from the market, and each require their former weapons to build along with other resources. The Lesion is particularly annoying as the tipedo it requires also needs the Kunai and Bo to build. The Dual Toxocyst requires research and perhaps another weapon like the others (akvasto?)


The Void also got some interesting changes, missions "such as exterminate" now have enemies who spawn unalerted. FINALLY. Not sure if this also applies to capture missions post-capture, but i highly doubt that was changes as well, and when the lotus yells out that you got him all enemies become alerted and stay alerted regardless if anyone saw you.

Other Stuff

Other interesting things i noticed is that the grakata weapons and the embolist now have their own animations, as they have been apparently tied to the ignis animations for a very long time which is really nice.

The Stalker’s blueprint drop chance has been increased to 50%, which should help me immensely as the stalker rarely ever fights me and when he does i get an Orokin Cell and Heated Charge -.- Of course, i assume more valuable blueprints like Broken War and War will still be rarer drops.

Interrupting a charged weapon with a melee attack will no longer fire a weapon, and instead will cancel the charge: so no more killing yourself while charging an ogris then melee an enemy out of panic and losing your super long charging aura of slow motion in 0.0001 seconds.

Fixed an ancient bug that prevented Shock Eximus auras from having any effect: this is very interesting. Shock eximus used to be known as Magnetic Leader or something like that, but the magnetic was changed to "electric" and when this happened they stopped having an effect. I suspect that getting near one of these eximus will cause massive magnetic damage and HUD distortion like an ancient disrupter like it used to. "electric" would still be misleading then though.

Fixed toggled Abilities preventing energy drain effects from Leech Eximus enemies: this is a very unfortunate change, so you can't gain energy by energy siphon or the zenurik passive (among other things like energy vampire) but enemies can steal it away? In my opinion either nothing can give or take energy, or both should give or take energy. I feel it's unfair if enemies can take energy but you can't gain it.

Bug Fixes?

While there were alot of fixes, not a single one that i know about was fixed. Hydroid's tentacles probably still crash games and installing a catalyst or reactor on a weapon will revert any other changes you just made in the arsenal, stuff like that. very unfortunate and disappointing from my standpoint as some of these bugs are at least two months old at this point.

That is really all i have to say about the update so far, i may update this when i actually can play the game, but i have to close the launcher and restart warframe to be able to see how much is left because when the launcher fails, it never tells you when it restarts! -_-

After Downloading

After downloading and playing a bit i noticed several things. Repeated sounds like multiple tesla zapping at once or the Ignis being click fired have now been improved sound wise. The sounds will no longer overlap as harshly as well as electric procs sounding completely different now.

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