The biggest problem i see users talking about is the fact many weapons are now platinum-only, and they are forced to either buy them with platinum or make them with blueprints. I sense that this overhaul is due to the upcoming clan dojos, where clan members can share resources. And because of that, it will be easier to gather resources to make blueprints, so naturally they want to force players to join clans and farm. they are essentially forcing you to join a clan so you can make the guns you want, or take a long ass time doing it yourself. this is a problem for me because i am one of the people who do not want to join clans and does not care for them, but most players should accept it after a while.

still, with all that said about the weapons, the changes they did to Rhino actually upsets me the most. i get why they made it so his iron skin dosnt block EVERYTHING, to make him less overpowered. but wasnt that the point of getting Rhino in the first place? sure, he can smash and run through enemies now, but his best power is now nearly useless unless you have a maximum redirection mod. i mean come on, it only lasted around 10 seconds and was very important in recharging shields and essential on pluto to temporarily gain a foothold. (i dont need people bragging about how they can solo pluto without using iron skin and they are masters, i get that okay lol) there will be alot of fallen Rhino comrads out there </3

And about the new warframe. okay, i admit, he looks like a train conductor with coveralls and a train helmet. the only powers i see really usable is the shock grenade, being super useful against corpus, and the vortex, which reminds me of the Rift Inducer on Ratchet And Clank: Up Your Arsenal. i wont get this warframe however, due to its low shield. its essentially as powerful as my Loki, just better against corpus.

There are other things i could cover, but what are your thoughts on my opinions about the update, or your own?

NOTE: it would be nice if some people went to all the weapons and added a "notes" section and brieftly talk about what it used to be like market wise, before update 7.11 (like i did with the Latron page) to ease the sudden change to the pages :) (im too lazy to do it myself)

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