I recently posted a blog comparing results with the new dual broncos, and mentioned how multishot no longer effects pellet size. well, it's actually THE VISIBLE PELLETS SHOT OUT. Apon furthur testing on enemies i counted the hit marks and they are indeed STILL THE SAME. spread however, seems to have been altered, making visible pellets only 6 or 7 and less hit markers, making the appearance of less pellets. [Yay to field testing!] Hek after multishot, the Strun before multishot, and the Dual Broncos after multishot, with the same visible pellet size of 6 in each regardless of multishot on or not (at 100% and except for Strun, that one is a before shot).

VISIBLE Pellet Count (Based on Multishot Mechanic page)

Hek Shotgun

  • Before: 7 pellets (14 with 100% Multishot)
  • After (current) 6 pellets (6 with 100% Multishot)

Strun Shotgun

  • Before: 10 pellets (20 with 100% Multishot)
  • After (current) 6 pellets (? with 100% multishot)

Boar Shotgun 

  • Before: 6 pellets (12 with 100% Multishot)
  • After (current): ?

​Bronco Shotgun (Single and Dual models) [[[User blog:Darthmufin/Update 8.3 And The Bronco|Better Analysis Here]]]

  • Before: 7 pellets (14 with 100% Multishot)
  • After: 6 pellets (6 with 100% multishot)


Hek (top left) Strun (top right) Dual Broncos (bottom left)


As far as i can tell, all shotguns have been reduced to only 6 VISIBLE pellets as of update 8.3. The Strun is effected most, seemingly only firing 6 or 7 pellets even though it actually creates 10 hit markers.

Note that before update 8.3 adding 100% multishot to these weapons produced nearly the proper ammount of bullet holes in objects, and more were visibly seen. both of these properties have said been removed, showing only 6 pellets regardless of multishot and a noticable reduction in pellets you can easily see. this has tricked many users (including myself) that they reduced the pellet size altogether. 

lets hope this issue gets resolved as users will notice the visable loss in pellets [half or more do not show up as lighted sparks as usual but they apparently are there] and will seem like they are less powerful. this information is up to date as of 7/6/13

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