Please note that this may change due to the fact it may be a glitch or unforseen bug and may be fixed in a later hotfix. 

The sound

  • Sound has changed from being a shotgun sounding weapon to a VERY muffled, a pistol-fired-inside-a-box-covered-in-foam sort of sound now. 

The pellet count

  • with 100% multishot mod equiped, the weapon fired 6 visable pellets and left 6 holes in a tile i shot. this is down from 14 before the update with multishot of the same value equipped [EDIT: i have tested without multishot and i get same result. multishot currently does not increase visable bullets, making it appear as if it shoots less and may or may not still work for single bronco]
    Screenshot 3

    6 pellets with 100% multishot

The preformance (conlusion)

  • Although the visable pellet count has been reduced, the spread seems to have been centered more, essentially making the weapon slightly more accurate with "less" spread. 

again, all this may change through hotfixes. what are your thoughts or opinions on this? was it different for you? do you think its better with the changes (even if it is a temporary glitch)? 

[Edit] also, this could be of 2 things, the mod does not currently work for the broncos, and will be fixed later. OR, the multishot mechanice has been changed so that each 6 pellets are doubled in damage like normal pistols with multishot. either way, currently you only get 6 pellets each shot which requires you to be much closer.

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