As you may or may not already know, Vauban's signiture power, Bastille, (was) capable of holding up all enemies that come into the short lived containment field. as with any power, you had to utilize duration mods to make it last long enough to make a real difference. bastille does not block fire from projectile weapons, making bastille limited on non-infested defense, where your low stats start to expose themselves.

With the nerf to 12 targets (can be increased a little) infested defense, where Vauban excelled, will lack. Not only will tough enemies that are capable of destroying the pod in a few swipes are able to run through as your frantically try to pick off enemies so bastille catch them, but you must use vortex (aka energy waste on high level defense) on the pod to round up the enemies. If you breath a sigh of relief you better collect what little energy orbs there are lying around because vortex does not do alot of damage and you will have to recast it. even worse, most weapons cannot damage enemies in vortex, so the only purpose it has on a high level defense is a stalling tool.

did i mention energy yet? on most defense missions, you can save up energy orbs by souly using bastille 1-3 times a wave, keeping lots of backup energy laying around for the later levels when killing enemies takes more time=less energy. now, you will have less energy at later waves, on top of the fact you will be casting bastilles and vortexes everywhere simply to counter the nerf. 

Your response: "NOOBZ im a mastery rank 70 supercharged vuaban with supercharged orgis acrid combo max its EZ haha"

what about players that don't have overpowered weapons? what if you join a team with 3 mags, or 3 lokis? what if you are the only one that can do good crowd control? what about players who play for fun? what about players who are there to level up weapons? one can not simply accuse someone who compains about this nerf just because you got lucky and survived a high level defense, not thinking about that it was probably the fact that your bastille held up all the enemies for you.

Finnaly, if i still have not convinced you that nerfing bastille was a bad move, put on a max redirection and go play a high level corpus or grineer mission, or infested for that matter and watch your puny shields go down in a second and your low armor take your high health down in a blink of an eye. my point? Vauban has low survivability stats, because he is not a tanky frame like frost or rhino, so he takes advantage of his abilites to counter that. what is the point of being a weak frame and trying to protect yourself with bastille on corpus and grineer levels? enemies far away will still shoot you regardless. what is the point of using bastille on infested defense if they go through anyway and one shot you like your a doll?

obviously most veteran players or players who prefer other frames (vauban was my favorite) will just shake their heads and denounce this simply because they "know" it was a good idea or it was "a long time coming". if you nerf bastille you must also nerf snow globe, nova's MP, and rhino's iron skin again to compensate to bring them down to vaubans level, instead of brining a frame down even further then they already were survivabilty wise. i have one slot left, for the necro frame if i decide to get it. if vauban is not buffed or they dont figure out a change to counter this, i will sell vauban if i choose to make another frame.

EDIT: didnt expect so much backlash lol since it was merly my opinion in my 400+ hours of gameplay, 50+ have been pure vauban. I could reply to every one of the comments labling me as a "big crybaby" when the majority of players say the same thing as me. The point of this is to point fingers at more powerful frames and note how much stronger they are compared to vauban. Nova, for example, should have been nerfed as i said above, as she is very powerful. the point is they should not have nerfed vaubans best tactical ability. i think we have had enough nerfing with these updates. we get new weapons that are fun to use but weak compared to clan weapons, and that brings me to the point of nerfing vauban's bastille. you do not HAVE to bring the ogris or acrid to end game. there is no fun of just pumping enemies will bullets when you can actually have fun with the game. i usually stay away from enemies above level 100 because i like to have fun with the game. call me opinion what you will, but either way the nerf was a bad move on DE's part.

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