i have been using vortex with regular weapons lately, mostly going on Jupiter and trying for 30 minute solo runs, and i stand on a box where they cannot reach me and pop a vortex and shoot into it. something happens with vortex that isn't written on the Vortex page. either when i shoot my (braton for example) i seem to hit all or most of the enemies in it at once, because i kill 'X' amount of enemies with one clip as i would a single enemy, without any puncture mods attached. 

that, or vortex removes some of the enemy's armor, or multiplies the damage or both. it takes me around 1 1/2 clips to kill a level 100 ancient while shooting the head, but while they are in vortex (and also thanks to being able to see ragdolled enemy's health bars) i can clearly see their health going down faster, killing them with 1 clip or even less sometimes, along with killing most of the other enemies in the vortex at the same time. by 30 minutes, there are so many enemies stuck in vortex that it creates a giant ball of meat, which lags me purposefully lol. but it gets the job done. 

i would like to add, that remember my blog about me talking about a major lag issue while using the ignis+vortex exploit, and how i talked about it lagging the game so bad it would cut me from the host? yeah, it still happens, even after the exploit was patched. i told you it had nothing to do with the exploit. i was playing yesterday and the game went into a really weird freeze, where the host was frozen, but the other teammate could fire their weapon and move around, same with me, but enemies were frozen and wouldnt move. then the host was cut, i died due to the 1fps lag vortex caused, and it caused my internet driver to crash, and my computer crashed, BECAUSE WARFRAME CRASHED. it's ridiculous. 

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