note: turns out that the simulacrum is messed up with sniper rifles, as the counter (or at least the indication of the counter) does not consistently reset after shots, causing the next shot even if it was minutes from the first to have the "1.5x multiplier" notice in the scope, so you don't know if your shot actually was 1.5x or if its just lying to you, and the only way i found to make sure this dosn't happen is leave the simulacrum and come back in again, which makes testing extremely tedious and i don't feel like doing every single test all over again. Most of them are correct, but a few may be incorrect, so please correct me on them -_-

After i maxed my vulkar wraith to my liking (i prefer status on the vulkar) i went into the simulacrum and did some testing to see how much more damage the vulkar wraith does to level 50 grineer heavy units compared to the vulkar. Both of them used the same build (they are not maxed builds and i had to omit one mod slot because my normal vulkar was not maxed yet) and this was simply to see the damage difference between the two, not push each to maximum damage.

These are the viral builds while using the same mod build. For the other builds, they do exactly the same damage just with a different damage type.

Vulkar viral
Vulkar wraith viral

I then tested them on full zoom, and while doing headshots against Heavy gunners and Napalms. Firstly, the vulkar wraith does more damage across the board, except with corrosive damage against a napalm, the vulkar wraith will end up doing less damage (1,397 less crit damage). This is because the lack of the bonus from slash (even though it's small) and the lower puncture damage (napalms have more armor than heavy gunners) causes the vulkar to do more damage than the wraith. Again, remember this is just one dual element in these tests, adding cold damage can help take down napalms a bit easier when using corrosive damage as the main damage type.

Also, when doing a damage type that does not attack their armor (eg radiation vs a heavy gunner) the difference in damage between the weapons is very small compared to the difference when it attacks their armor (eg corrosive against a heavy gunner).

As expected, against a heavy gunner corrosive does the most damage, then viral, then radiation, and against a napalm radiation does the most, then viral, then corrosive. This is because the normal vulkar has more puncture and a little slash damage, which has a bonus against flesh and a slightly higher bonus against their armor.

Note: oddly, these tests concluded that against a heavy gunner, radiation damage actually had a bigger increase in damage compared to the viral damage; viral did 22 more damage on the wraith and radiation did 49 more damage. So while viral still did more damage, the increase of damage dealt by radiation was higher than viral. Can someone explain why this is true? :o

Tl;DR version: The vulkar wraith does more damage to armored targets than the normal vulkar, but the increase in damage is minimal when the elemental damage does not have a bonus against that enemies armor. Corrosive will also do less on the wraith against napalms.



Elemental Damage Heavy Gunner Heavy Gunner Crit Napalm Napalm Crit
Viral 1,232 10,842 1,005 8,846
Corrosive 2,640 23,229 927 8,157
Radiation 818 7,198 2,448 21,543

Vulkar Wraith

Elemental Damage Heavy Gunner Heavy Gunner Crit Napalm Napalm Crit
Viral 1,254 11,032 1,132 9,963
Corrosive 2,892 25,446 7686,760
Radiation 867 7,634 2,716 23,899


  • In these tests, against a heavy gunner radiation damage had a bigger increase in damage than viral damage (viral still does more)
  • The vulkar wraith does 1,397 less damage in these tests with corrosive against napalms, the only time where the vulkar wraith does less damage.
  • This is the first time in a while that i organized data into neat charts so i hope i made it look nice :s

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