Whether serious or just for fun, post your Warframe Achievement ideas if they had real achievements in the game!

here are mine, some you can tell are inspired by memes or fads:

Stop Right There Criminal Scum!

-kill an enemy attempting to lock down a panic console

9 Lives

-get revived 9 times in a single mission

Bombs Away!

-kill an enemy indirectly with an explosive container

Falcon Punch!

-kill an enemy using the charge attack of the Furax

Over 9,000!

-deal over 9,000 total damage in a single mission


-Create 30 shadows of the dead clones in a single mission

This is Warframe! (i know i hate that meme too)

-knock an enemy into a bottomless pit with the Kogate

Greedy Milk Massacre

-kill 35 corpus crewmen in a single mission

A Warframe's Best Friend

-have your sentinel kill 10 enemies

I'll Give Ya The Moon

-make a snow globe 20m off of the ground

The Right To Remain Silent

-perform a stealth attack on an enemy speaking

Two Can Play At This Game

-Switch-Teleport a grineer commander that switch teleported you

You And What Army?

-reach wave 20 solo in defense

Make The Hurt Feel Better

-jump kick 5 grineer scorpions

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