DE has updated the mod card system, and this has completely changed the look of every mod in Warframe. And, because DE can no longer supply us mod images, we will need to ask our community to help in this endeavor.

There are a few issues, however. First, because of the advanced UI mechanics and mod card behavior, mods no longer are fully visible and flat (not skewed or rotated) when looking at them in the game. Refer to this in a method of how to capture images.

remember to make sure that the photo is cropped out if possible (transparent around the edges, aka no white or black space around the card) and then MAX RANK, determined by the results of This Poll.

It would be wise if a few people could volunteer to get these images and get as many as they can, and then post in this blog what they could not get so other people could get them, so we don't have tons of people wasting their time getting screenshots of the same mod.

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