thankfully to us, the in game Codex provides the basic stats of 90% of the weapons in the game, so all you have to do is write down the info in the game, then copy it into the weapons! refer to this blog: (but after some kinks are worked out, see the blog for more info!) and copy whatever you can into the proper fields. 

remember, most weapons do not have one damage number, most have 2 or 3. ones that list an elemental, such as the ignis, only put the damage in the "elemental damage" field, and leave the others blank. 

pretty easy to do! i have already done the Sicarus, Detron, and Sicarus Prime pages (Sicarus had some stat changes, so other weapons most likely have their stats altered as well so use the new ones in the game instead!).

oh, and most pre-update 11 video reviews for weapons should be removed also. 

Also:  automatic rifles with 5% or less "status", put it under disadvantage. latron type primaries excluding bows: 10% or less status is a disadvantage

same for pistols, if it fires fast but has less then 5% status, disadvantage, 10% for semi auto. 

for melee under 20% should be a disadvantage. 

all above these numbers should be listed as an advantage.

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