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Because Warframe lacks an actual visual level tier system for weapons, users will often pit low tier weapons against higher ones, which is pointless when it comes down to it due to the fact that the higher tier weapon will always win in the major categories because, well, it's a higher tier. comparing a grenade to a nuke is a similar comparison. No, the grenade does not need a buff, and no the nuke does not need a nerf. the grenade has it's use and the nuke has its.

This is a common mistake i see constantly so i am attempting to categorize the weapons in warframe by 5 Tiers, and then individually categorize by faction class (best for G(rineer), C(orpus), I(infested) in order of which is best (eg. Mk1-Braton does more slash, than puncture, than impact, so the letters would go I, G, C). note that this is based on physical, base weapon statistics so modding will never come into play.

Important notes:

  • This will most likely only cover a small section at a time, as i do not have the spare time currently to sit here and categorize every single weapon in Warframe. i will start with Primary weapons based on how they are grouped on the Weapons page. As such, the first category will be categorizing Rifles.
  • This is based on two main factors: Actual indisputable facts (Weapon A simply does more damage than B) and second is user (me) opinion based on actual use "on the field".

Tier 1: Rifles

Description: These weapons preform the weakest in most categories compared to all other weapon in the game. They can be used for mid-low game content well modded but lose effectiveness after only a few planets. These weapons should be replaced when advancing to higher levels in the game. These are not listed in any order.

Tier 2: Rifles

Description: These weapons preform better than tier 1 rifles, but still lack the necessary firepower to go beyond low to mid gameplay without heavy modding. However, this category contains weapons that specialize in certain fields that allow the user to attack a specific faction more effectively.

Tier 3: Rifles

Description: These weapons can easily blow through lower levels and behave normally against mid level content. They may struggle against high level content without heavy modding but these weapons will often break the compromise between the higher and lower tiers, although some weapons in this tier can easily decimate higher levels with proper modding, making them a good starting point for any competitive player looking for a challenge.

Tier 3: Rifles

Tier 4: Rifles

Description: These weapon will preform comfortably in the highest starting level content in Warframe, with some effort put in from the user. Although not the best weapons in the game, they will specialize in certain aspects to easily push them beyond their own tier in some cases. These weapon will be desired for both high damage and high function-ability.

Tier 5: Rifles

Description: Dealing either the most damage per second in the game, or simply offering very high damage per shot, the weapons in this category will deal with high level content easily, much like the weapons in Tier 4, but will be able to reach far beyond this point and often head into end-game content. These, like all weapons, have their disadvantages, but in terms of killing power these will often rank on top for rifles.

Remember that this list

  • only focuses on "Rifles"
  • based apon user-experience and raw statistical data
  • NOT a defining feature of the weapons listed, and does not aim to "finalize" them into the best or worst weapons by any means.
  • for entertainment purposes, for the most part.

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