I've been wanting to make a blog addressing my concerns about Link, as i see people wasting the energy all the time to use it in the silliest situations. before i explain further, i am making this to express my personal opinion on it and how i see users using it, including myself. you are free to disagree below, but if you do not have any sort of counter-argument and you just want to scream "trollz lol ur gay" you won't be answered. 

I also want to note that although it is the worst ability trinity has in my opinion, i do see the benefits, which i will list in sub-bullets if necessary.

Edit: i will leave this blog alone, so i probably won't respond to messages, but it will be left open for discussion! good points were made in the comments and have swayed my opinions into saying link isn't as useless overall.

The Issue(s)

Now you may say, "oh come on darth, link is a very useful tool to reduce damage!". i will address this:

  • Indeed, link reduces 75% of the incoming damage done to trinity, and that is a significant amount. however, if on low levels with enemies under level 35, you are wasting it as the damage you receive is not adequate to justify spending the energy to do so. Also, it reduces damage, meaning if you are being shot with a corpus Tech and each shot deals 100 damage (for the sake of easy math) you would receive 25 damage instead. This is significantly less, but you still receive damage. it dosn't hold up during long firefights.
  • Against Infested, it can reduce poison damage from toxics, which is arguably the best use of link, however like before, you still will receive plenty of damage, especially at high levels.

You may say "but it reflects 100% of the damage back at up to 3 enemies!"

  • This is the most important point. yes, it reflects 100% of the damage the enemy attack does to you. however, this is actually not a very handy skill, let me explain why. lets say a corpus tech fired a single bullet that would deal 100 damage, and the tech has 400 shield, and 1,200 health. that one shot is going to deal 25 damage to you, while only taking 1/4 of his shields away. overall, do not treat this as a damage skill, as enemy damage reflected back is not good enough to justify casting it for that reason, because higher level enemies deal more damage to reflect, but also have more armor and shields/health.
    • essentially, you will deal the same amount of damage to an enemy at level 1 as you would level 100, as their damage scales with health/armor/shield. (obviously at some points it is significant, but only when paired with blessing to completely block damage. 

Finally, you may point out that it at least reflects stunning effects at enemies.

  • correct, and this and the fact it reduces poison, is the only reason i would ever use link. on infested missions. 

Other negative points

  • Blessing only costs 25 more energy, at the benefit of healing you and your team completely, and making you invincible for the same time as link. choosing reduced damage and reflecting damage over complete damage resistance is a poor decision in my opinion.
  • Link won't block damage unless you are connected to an enemy.
  • When surrounded by enemies then casting link, you will take out your weapon and kill the enemies anyway, essentially wasting the skill.

Conclusion/Summary/Additional Points

I play with randoms alot, and often they play as trinity. i always see them cast link, then take out their strun wraith or other high damage weapon and simply kill the enemies around them anyway, or if on infested, they run around and avoid getting hit in the first place. i see link wasted alot and for good reason, it's a very specific skill. you need to cast it when you are on a high level mission receiving alot of damage, and don't mind not being able to recharge shields often simply to deal the damage enemies are doing to you, back at them. overall, i feel Link should be just replaced with something else, some other skill that suits trinity but does not completely take away link's properties.


DE could change the link power to instead connect to one enemy, and as long as their is a connection, it deals continuous damage to them while slowly gaining health. it would not block incoming damage but will be made up for by dealing damage, stunning the target effected, and gaining health at the speed of 4 Rejuvenation Aura's or more. this obviously wouldn't solve the problem fully, but considering well of life and blessing, with health gain and invincibility, link is a rather secondary skill that falls short on most cases. 

What do you think? did i summarize link correctly? did i miss a point or something? have you used link in certain situations and found it equal to or better then blessing? 

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