• Dav36rye

    Overheat vs Iron Skin (scroll to bottom for TLDR):

    First we'll compare Overheat to Rhino using Iron Skin, both with Maximized Power Strength:

    Rhino easily powers through low to mid level content with an invulnerability to crowd control and going very long periods before having to renew his ability. However, in high level content or when facing the partial backlash of a modded Ogris that blew up just a little too close, Overheat overtakes Rhino in damage mitigation. 

    With Redirection rank 8 and Vigor rank 5, Ember has 780 total shields. At first we will ignore health for this comparison (in most fights you try to escape before taking health damage):

    Ember's effective shields are 9,286 before taking health damage. With Guardian these shields are do…

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  • Dav36rye

    Maximized values

    October 14, 2013 by Dav36rye

    Some of you already noticed the new page explaining what a "maximized" value is. After having a talk with some of the other admins here on the wiki, the reason this word/page was willed into existence was to resolve three different problems that were magnified at the same time Corrupted Mods were introduced: 

    First, every time a power aspect was mentioned, standard syntax required the related card to be listed in parenthesis. "Affected by Power Strength (Focus)". This is obtuse and repetitive now that there are multiple mods that can affect power strength, and it was already erroneous for frames that had helmets also affecting that aspect like excalibur's pendragon helmet. Whenever a power type is mentioned it will just be linked to the app…

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  • Dav36rye

    Edit: resolved! I had someone do a test to verify that the power efficiency cap is additive, and caps out at 75%. It does indeed. I think it's interesting that DE chose to do that since it's so easy for frames to go over the limit, but I suppose the same could be said about Synapse going easily over 100% crit. 

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