Some of you already noticed the new page explaining what a "maximized" value is. After having a talk with some of the other admins here on the wiki, the reason this word/page was willed into existence was to resolve three different problems that were magnified at the same time Corrupted Mods were introduced: 

First, every time a power aspect was mentioned, standard syntax required the related card to be listed in parenthesis. "Affected by Power Strength (Focus)". This is obtuse and repetitive now that there are multiple mods that can affect power strength, and it was already erroneous for frames that had helmets also affecting that aspect like excalibur's pendragon helmet. Whenever a power type is mentioned it will just be linked to the appropriate warframe attributes section: "Affected by Power Strength". This also allows for easy revision if/when DE introduces new power-altering mods into the mix. Having to edit every page one at a time is a big waste.

With that out of the way there still needed to be a way for readers to understand how it's possible to achieve such super-big damage/range/duration/efficiency with an ability - what mods/gear is required, what penalties doing so will incur, and most importantly that they can't get the best damage, the lowest cost, the furthest range and the longest duration all at the same time. This is an important issue that Corrupted mods brought to the forefront.

After rolling some ideas around it was decided that a simple change to syntax would do the job. Instead of just saying "Ability X does 1000 damage, affected by Power Strength (Focus) and Power Duration (Constitution, Continuitity)." and not listing max damage at all (sucks for people trying to optimize their frames), the correct syntax is now: "Ability X does 1000 damage for 10 seconds, affected by Power Strength and Power Duration." with a separate tab "Maximization" that contains a bullet-list of top-end values such as "Does 2400 damage with Maximized Power Strength". 

In this way it's easy to convey the maximum potential of an ability without making it seem overpowered - you can't cherry pick all the positive effects and ignore all the negatives. "maximized" is a word that doesn't come up in regular chats but which is readily understandable, so it works well as a keyword. 

It's a lot of work for a little payoff, but even for veterans it's atleast slightly handy to think "well I wanna have the best range on mag, what all will that require? what downsides will it cause? how far will I be able to hit stuff?" and have a definitive answer to everything in one spot. 

I'm doing my best to get the Maximization page looking clear-cut, but I'm by no means a wiki artist. Feel free to spruce it up.

Anyway I'm going to start working the new maximized values into existing warframe abilities and linking power mod references properly. That's the exciting part I've been wanting to do for a while, because some frames have some seriously impressive results I wanna publish! :D

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