First of all this is not a "tier list". These are my personal thoughts about the current state of the selection of 'frames that a player has available to them. There are frames whose abilities scale well, lock down entire rooms of enemies, and in general perform exceedingly well in comparison to the rest of the frames. As I said, this is not a "tier list," just an observation of what DE has done right in terms of making a powerful Warframe. Basically, I looked at Trinity and try to make everyone as strong as her.
Some of the abilities might be silly. I don't know... I just try to come up with something that sounds like fun. :3 (but it quickly got out of hand so things get crazier as you read). I do not play every Warframe so maybe I forgot some things.

Also please include a "block aid" option to keep abilities that might disrupt other players away. Option include (block all aid, accept aid with F button, or always accept aid).

Good already but some small change:


  • Well of Life - summon a stationary thing like a team health restore for free (uh oh DE can't make plat anymore :v).
  • Energy Vampire - if target is killed during duration have them explode with a powerful burst that restores the remaining energy amount.


  • Combine Null Star and Anti Matter Drop into new 1st. Casting once summons orbitals that damage nearby enemies and return to the caster, casting again launches them as Anti Matter Drops for no cost until you run out.
  • New 2nd - a giant laser or something.


  • Have Mind Control render the affected enemy invincible to ally damage, and have them commit suicide after the duration is up OR allow Nyx to refresh the duration by casting it again on the same enemy (to keep a valuable pet like an Ancient Healer on your side).
  • Psychic Bolts changed to make enemy's head explode. Also fires only one bolt hard to aim but a lot of damage.
  • Absorb once it's complete heals allies nearby for damage taken as well. Let allies shoot you too during duration for more damage.


  • Make Bounce higher and require interaction (pressing F) by players to use the pad. Balls stuck to allies instead float closely behind them attacking with shocks (also if you have ally under crosshair and use Tesla, the ball goes to them and follows them automatically).

My ideas for big changes:


  • Combine Shuriken and Bladestorm into something like Radial Shuriken as his new 4th, and perhaps make the shuriken inflict an automatic puncture/corrosive armor down effect. Either that OR make Bladestorm summon a clone to do the attacking (leaving Ash free to run about and continue attacking), and also have all affected enemies paralyzed so they stand still for the duration. Make Smokescreen castable while in the air.
  • If going with the Radial Shuriken idea, make his new 1 something fittingly ninja-like but more useful to his team. Perhaps something like Smoke Shroud - Shroud an ally in protective smoke that renders them invisible for the duration.


  • Combine the effects of Sonic Boom, Sonar, and Silence (it deafens enemies on use) into a new 1st ability that has the range of Silence (40m).
  • Her new 2nd and 3rd abilities - 2nd fly like a bat (but not like a bird, that's Zephyr). 3rd: Silence - but it prevents the enemy from using special abilities. Auras and stuff.


  • Undo the nerfs to allow her to tank again.
  • Combine World on Fire with Fire Blast (it summons a persistent ring of fire on activation as well) and reduce cost to 75.
  • Her new 3rd ability - Incindiary Rounds, a buff that adds extra fire damage to whatever weapon she is using for the duration.
  • Reduce Fireball cost to 5 and allow her to hold down 1 to charge it to deal 2x, 3x, 4x damage in increasing stages and size of AoE (fully charged it knocks down).


  • Super Jump is overshadowed by Zephyr now. Increase the base height to current maximized height, and allow maximization to increase it even further. In addition, allow it to be used in mid-air once per jump for a double jump effect.
  • Increase Slash Dash base dash distance to current maximized values and allow maximization to increase it further.
  • Have Radial Javelin throw copies of your melee weapon instead that deal as much damage as it, with forced proc and critical (dayum).


  • Possibly have his Frost Globe follow him around like the enemy version, and allow ally's attacks to pass through it under all circumstances (not just while inside).
  • Otherwise change the effect from a limited damage shield to either a set damage reduction to all allies inside (50% perhaps) with no durability, or have it block a set number of projectiles (1000-1500 bullets perhaps, with automatic weapon fire counting for less, missiles and stuff for more) instead of a set amount of damage. Other possiblities include - slowing enemy projectiles that enter (even hitscan) to the point that allies can dodge them easily.
  • Combine Freeze and Icewave into the same ability, as fast as Freeze but with the AoE of Icewave and with a chance to freeze solid like Avalanche.
  • As a new 2nd ability, have some form of support ability. Maybe energy restoration, or causing enemies to drop blue orbs. Or summon a snowman that if you stand next to it you regain energy because it's so cool LOL (and you must protect it :3 because enemies really hate it and want to destroy it).
  • Avalanche base range increase to 25m. Have the snowballs it summons roll around as physics objects after casting continuing to do damage.


  • Decoy has health that scales with enemy/wave level (somewhere in tankiness between a normal and heavy unit).
  • Switch Teleport causes the "huh!?" I'm-confused animation to play on enemies it affects. Possibly if used with a Decoy out, have it swap the positions of the target and the Decoy instead of the target and Loki.
  • Have Radial Disarm affect Infested, forcing them to use a weaker melee attack (Disrupter Ancients will not inflict status, can not use stretch punch. Exploders can't explode, Chargers can't knock you down, etc.). If you use it on the Stalker the two of you must duel with Skana to the death.


  • Undo the nerfs.
  • Make Pull gather all enemies it affects to the same spot in front of her again.
  • Make Bullet Attractor AoE (have it place the debuff on every enemy in range) or increase the casting time to nearly instant and lower the cost to 5. Also, if the enemy is affected by Banshee's Sonar have Bullet Attractor automatically guide bullets to the weakpoint. Otherwise bullets go to the head.
  • Shield Polarize gives allies an "overshield" buffer of 200% shield.
  • Have Crush suspend enemies in the air in the "crushed" state for several seconds after she finishes casting it and ragdoll them afterwards (it's a problem right now that enemies just instantly get out of it and start shooting you again), as well as increasing the base cast speed.


  • Have Soul Punch create a shadow like Shadows of the Dead if it kills an enemy. Just make it do 1000 damge too or something and he screams "NEKROS PUUUNCH"
  • Make Terrify cause the enemies to walk slowly away while cowering (easier to hit them).
  • Desecrate.. ugh so boring. Make it summon little ghosts that Desecrate things for you instead of sitting still all day spamming it yourself.
  • Shadows of the Dead is cool make them permanent pets. Also if another player dies you can make a ghost of them.


  • Renewal is full heal but no invincibility like Blessing. When cast while targeting downed ally revives them instantly.
  • Reckoning deals damage scaling to your melee weapon (or gun possibly). Also plants enemies into the ground and they struggle to get free for several seconds afterwards.
  • Combine Smite to cause Hallowed Ground effect wherever it hits and lower cost to 5. Enemies killed while in hallowed ground drop health orb.
  • New 2nd ability - summon a unicorn.


  • Rhino Charge - Bleh. Make it cost nothing and really fast or something.
  • Roar is constant aura.
  • Have Iron Skin scale to enemy/wave level.
  • Rhino Stomp if you cast it on an enemy that's been knocked down deal 99999 damage to his face. Also if you cast it over a downed ally they get knocked up and instantly revived but with less health and they might be angry with you.


  • Venom spores explode automatically and spread to nearest enemy when the enemy dies.
  • Molt gives Saryn a damage shield like Iron Skin as well as making the decoy.
  • Contagion deals full damage instantly instead of over 20 seconds.
  • Miasma once cast the effect follows you like Sound Quake and you can move around.


  • Have Warcry grant her and her allies a small life leech effect on their attacks, even while not in Hysteria.
  • During Hysteria press Aim (Mouse 2) and Fire to shoot Hadoukens for a ranged attack (LOL).
  • When you grapple an ally they must press F to confirm if they want to be pulled (please stop troll with it -.-).
  • Paraylze doesn't cost shields anymore, instead deals damage and has bigger range based on a stored amount that increases the more you melee (you become more fiery the more damage is stored. Maybe use the energy for Hadouken too).


  • His 1 and 4 combined to a constant Lightning attack (like force lightning? Lol). You can hold it down to keep spending power. Drain rate determined by efficiency but it's fairly cheap.
  • Can target his own shield and press 2 again to grab it and move it around (no cost). Casting while targeting ground makes a little barrier you can crouch behind.
  • Speed gives a chance to "dodge" enemy attacks (they go right through you).


  • Have the tornadoes suck the enemies all up to the same point and keep them there. Tornadoes no longer affect mods and resource canisters.
  • Divebomb - if you cast it on an ally, swoop down and grab them and then you can fly around with them like a team (with their permission, of course).

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