• Deadeye19922

    Loki was my first choice when i first played Warframe. My friends said that Loki would be a low lvl frame, with poor base stats. So, I was conflicted between Loki or Excalibur (before update 14). My friends said Excalibur, cuz he was balanced, but i ended up choosing Loki. At first, i ALMOST regretted my decision, cuz Loki kept dying REALLY EASILY. But, as I kept lvling him up, I noticed that his skills ARE easily the ones keeping me alive.   So, i hoarded fusion cores to upgrade his skills (also Vitality and Redirection, of course). Once he was lvl 30, i felt like the king in defesne and survival missions. Most of my friends (who uses Rhino and Excalibur) dies verly often i high lvl defense missions cuz of those very high lvl guns and tho‚Ķ

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