Loki was my first choice when i first played Warframe. My friends said that Loki would be a low lvl frame, with poor base stats. So, I was conflicted between Loki or Excalibur (before update 14). My friends said Excalibur, cuz he was balanced, but i ended up choosing Loki. At first, i ALMOST regretted my decision, cuz Loki kept dying REALLY EASILY. But, as I kept lvling him up, I noticed that his skills ARE easily the ones keeping me alive.   So, i hoarded fusion cores to upgrade his skills (also Vitality and Redirection, of course). Once he was lvl 30, i felt like the king in defesne and survival missions. Most of my friends (who uses Rhino and Excalibur) dies verly often i high lvl defense missions cuz of those very high lvl guns and those things that drain energy from you (Rhino needs that energy for Iron Skin, cuz lets face it, the most op skill i warframe)  

So, having a Loki/Prime is incredibly useful in high lvl Defense and/or Survival mission due to:

-His Decoy being able to pull aggro from ALOT of enemies, taking off the heat of both u and your teamates.

-Invisibility allows u to go behind enemy lines, allowing u to kill the bigger threats to ur team and large amounts of enemies(IF u have a melee weapon that has great range, like a Galatine, but i recommend an Orthos or an Orthos Prime)

-Switch Teleport ( even though i dont really use it) is quite usefu when a teamate is down, and u need to revive him/her, but u need a better spot, so u use Switch Teleport to switch place with ur downed teamate so that another one can revive him.

-Radial Disarm, THE MOST OP skill of Loki/Prime imo, as he can easily take away those high damage weapons on those high lvl maps. 

So, to those Loki haters out there (since there is quite a few) plz reconsider. And no fighting in the comments plz, evryone is entitled to there opinions, just don't act like a jer about it.... no offense.

To those Loki fanboys, u should absolutely get the prime version (if u dont have one already lol)

P.S.- this is my first blog, so plz take it easy on me lol XD.

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