• Deadfalk

    Hello community,

    Every now and then a dps comparison pops up somewhere in a warframe forum. I, as a number fanatic, love to roam through those posts, trying to see what people are doing and if I can learn something from them. But then I see quad-elemental modding without elemental advantage purposes, or usage of Shred on a Boltor, or, heck, Thunderbolt on anything but Attica. I'll take it this goes without sourcing, after you've read this post and then read any older dps-posts you'll see my point.

    So, I feel like I should share my view on weaponisation. This, I'm going to do with firstly a bunch of numbers and explanations, and then examples for a couple weapon types. Yes, I'll include TL;DRs on every paragraph, just to make reading a bit mo…

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