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    Been a hefty while since I made a blog, due to new work, so if mistakes and edits inbound in the process.

    When Hydroid's rework came through, I was really surprised of myself that I was "maining" a Hydroid Prime more often. More smooth and dynamic approaches in my playstle was offered, one being his Undertow puddle/water trap. It was a funny haha and funy intriguing move that gave me ideas (hey easy on the lennyfaces now) of material farming with a hydroid.

    "There is Pilfering Swarm, y'know."

    Yes, I am aware of this augment but I don't feel like it would scale as easily if I wanted to farm forextended periods of time.

    "Why go for so long a time these days? Twenty minutes tops."

    Pretty much for a larger haul…

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    If my math is right about Chroma, using only a maxed using blind rage will pass a Valkyr's armor rating even if she was with both a maxed steel fiber and maxed blind rage regardless of elemental mode. The coin toss-up, that is likely a balancing move from the devs, is even if an additional 385 armor from steel fiber and 298.5 armor from the ice elemental ward is just rubbing salt in the wound, EFFIGY's usage will Plummet his base armor value by half and and drain its energy(this is maybe why some players suggest steel fiber over redirection!)... a trade thing being a frame with no CC and possibly the highest armor rating frame in the game one second and then sacrifing armor for teamwork another second with 'supression'-like CC.

    Showing work…

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    This is a mission of high preparation(sorta) and need a proper blend of players/ frames. After a handful of attempts on multiple frames, a LOT of things were finally equaling fish(2+2=fish, fish as in Jesus, why didn't I see this answer 'til now?):

    • Its a HIJACK... think defense and support(maybe little attack if skilled enough against the Nullifiers)

       - That said, Frost is one part of the team most likely. Get on the hood(or higher up depending on globe size) of the rover ASAP and stay there. Bring energy regen packs because you are NOT wanting to be magnetize debuff'd.

       - Frost isn't the only one with a defense move! high range Turbulence Zephyr and high range Absorb Nyx can lighten up the stress on Frost's back. Front, middle, or back o…

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    ...because the wiki community called it! Akmagnus is here!

    lol, seriously, check this old blog out and read it only, both the comments and blog-->: we saw it coming

    The wiki community got their nose to the warframe grindstone, and its awesome! keep sniffing out more patterns, guys! This is funny and creepy, but mostly funny. :D

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    WARNING: word wall... big... BIG ... WORD WALL

    This is a reply to the following blog post -->

    I understand your angle, and you are entitled to your opinion(as am I, so no one should ever bash you for having a voice), but I believe both the frames and weapons are indeed worth getting and kept separate from their origional non-enhanced counterparts. I'll start with the frames.The primes can be considered stronger in the following ways as primes:

    Excalibur gains 2 additional polarities and a stronger shield recharge

    Frost and Mag gains one additional polarity

    Ember has her 2 polarities changed

    Stat-wise, Excalibur Prime is the only frame so far with a hei…

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