If my math is right about Chroma, using only a maxed using blind rage will pass a Valkyr's armor rating even if she was with both a maxed steel fiber and maxed blind rage regardless of elemental mode. The coin toss-up, that is likely a balancing move from the devs, is even if an additional 385 armor from steel fiber and 298.5 armor from the ice elemental ward is just rubbing salt in the wound, EFFIGY's usage will Plummet his base armor value by half and and drain its energy(this is maybe why some players suggest steel fiber over redirection!)... a trade thing being a frame with no CC and possibly the highest armor rating frame in the game one second and then sacrifing armor for teamwork another second with 'supression'-like CC.

Showing work below(correct anything wrong, pls):

  • Build(maxed if no r# by it): B.Rage, Fl. Expertise, Pr. Continuity r8/10, N.Minded, Pr. Flow r8/10, Rage, Vitality, Redirection(Chroma)/Steel Fiber(Valkyr) Aura: Steel Charge

  • Warcry Proc'd Valkyr   =   base armor+Steel Fiber + Warcry, or base armor*armor buff*strength

(600+660->)1260 +597(<-600*0.5*1.99)   =   1857 for around 27-28 seconds(slightly less due to casting time)

  • Double Buffed Ice Chroma at full potential(when damaged enough)      Chroma fans rejoice(lol)

Armor+(Ice Ward*Strength)+Vex Armor, or (base armor*armor multiplier*strength)

350+150*1.99+350*3.5*1.99   =   350+298.5+2437.75   =   3086.25 for around 46 seconds(less due to build-up via damaging him and casting order of 2 skills)

  • Double Buffed Ice Chroma at full potential(when damaged enough) and Using Effigy(-50% base armor)     Valkyr fans rejoice(if the math is right)(lol)

350/2+150*1.99+(350/2)*3.5*1.99   =   175+298.5+1218.875   =   1692.375 for around 46 seconds(less due to build-up via damaging him and casting order of 3 skills)

Reason I bring this up is because It's a bit interesting to see what the devs have done to make Chroma balanced with other frames like Valkyr so that its not a favor of new over old. Overall, I found this leveling and forma adding time on Chroma a bit fun because I now have an "A or B" option in choosing a top rating tank frame and hope this blog helps others some into saying, "both are good... I WANT THEM BOTH!!!"

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