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I understand your angle, and you are entitled to your opinion(as am I, so no one should ever bash you for having a voice), but I believe both the frames and weapons are indeed worth getting and kept separate from their origional non-enhanced counterparts. I'll start with the frames.The primes can be considered stronger in the following ways as primes:

Excalibur gains 2 additional polarities and a stronger shield recharge

Frost and Mag gains one additional polarity

Ember has her 2 polarities changed

Stat-wise, Excalibur Prime is the only frame so far with a heighten stat in anything. That stat is in shield regen rate. Effort-wise, the polarity changes and added polarities can be seen as if units of forma(at least one) was applied to a frame. This would mean that the changes in polarities to the frames can allow for modding in a direction that can either take their frame's modding to a different direction, or enhance their advantages. The forma stars are there, just written out as "Prime" and not Excalibur ** as an example. It can be considered as saving forma for the weapons and not using them on the frames, but miss out on something 'else', but I'll first explain that 'different direction' thing before explaing the 'else'.

Now, I say taking their modding to a different direction as a possible reason is because for a frame like Ember to obtain a utility(or attack) V and defense D polarity, she can be more power and life/shield focused more so than her default variant as forma is added onto her in comparison to the default Ember. Modding the regular ember for more advance builds would need a D or V slot, slots that are already on the prime... slots that have mods that costs a strong amount of points to use.

Now... going back to the stat-effort paragraph. The Primes are not exactly a mere cosmetic/swag items. Their mod slot polarities are better suiting their style which allows for stronger builds, and they have their separate ability to gain energy in the void and derelicts. The Primes carry a gameplay advantage and are best as frames themselves to farm/grind for and not skins, which are merely statless shells that only affect looks. Primes have more than looks and so would not fit being a cosmetic that can be bought with real money, not forgetting a fact that the void and derelicts carry a tougher type of enemies and a bit higher level ranges.

40-45 minutes in a tier-3 survival generated level 66+ enemies and a Palus-Pluto survival, same times, produced levels of 60-64. As for a derelict survival level range at those times, I have yet to experience to see and say of their levels(soon...), but with having stronger build options on start and access to energy to exercise the power of their builds more so than others can also mean that they are able to go higher up in enemy levels and bypass limits of the non-primes. This is yet more game play advantage.

Now the non-primes can say match their polarities but it's a less than fruitful effort when a prime would out-match in builds forma count for forma count as well as having a prime ability that is theirs alone. So the primes are worth the hunting for and are to be admired and can wind up being equal/better frame that may PROMPT for replacing the old with the new... but rather than seeing this view, players can see this as a way of using either form for either the origin system, or the void and derelicts. Being a collector/hoarder of frames and weapons, both primes and non-primes are useful, not wastes of space, and so have traded off mods and keys in order to gain back the platinum spent on the inventory slots. 

Also, looking at your edits in bold, the arguement becomes more personal towards you yourself rather than objective and non-biased to your case for others reading to be convinced/persuaded to your views. This is just me being nit-picky here, but:

1. Dont give the opposing side something to say against you when you want them to agree with you.

2. "'you people'? What you mean 'you peop'--... lol(if anyone got that comedy line, kudos :D)... but on a serious side is this: best not to single players out as being a group "different" than the group with a like mind as your own. This can push defensive responses and negative reactions.

3. Merely saying "you are sick of <blank>, and it's better if <blank>" and backing that statement up with saying the prime variants have "pathetic stats" does not help the argument made. No follow-up facts to show this were shown, and the wiki states the stats(not polarities) for the primes are equal to/ greater than(Excal only, better shield regen) the non-primes.

4. With the primes being, at the very least, the same as the non-primes, they are just as useful as well as any frame. what makes them carry any advantage has been explained above.

Now as for your 3rd note:

Having the variant forms of the frames and weapons will make them less worth the effort put into obtaining them as well as risking Digital Extremes to have their words hold less promise. Frame and weapon skins purchasable with platinum were declared to be statless starting from the Raknis Nekros and Flux Nova helms to today and in the future. This will mean 2 things/outcomes possible:

1. The players will be wanting something from the devs more substancial as a goal to play towards that will not make the players less tied to the game due to veteran players no longer having their prime frames and weapons with all of the advantages that they came with in comparison to their original counterparts(this can evoke thoughts in such players of being entitled to some form of compensation or ultimatum towards DE) and newer players who are unexposed to the treasure of the orokin void and derelicts now have less content to play towards(they must not have their players lose interest in their product, lest any profits possible would drop due to possible from lack of desires of gameplay experience enhancing and player community support).

2. Having stat skins will prompt strong interrogation from the players about suddenly having stat skins and link that to other skins and the alt helms. This then pushes a larger workload on the devs than what they expected and also push up possible claims from player, reviewer, and general public of being a pay to win game with evidence to show for their claims/accusations. This then tarnishes the reputation of the dev and DE itself, having less appeal to both people who were before interested in their product and people playing the game growing less intersted in their product and the products made by DE and those who worked for them from that point on.

I honestly would hate myself if I had put ALL OF THIS TEXT in a comment/reply, and, again, I am not busting your chops about your opinion. I am merely saying that the argument in your blog post be more persuasive for me. It wasn't hitting the right notes is all I am saying. 


PS: Major kudos to those with eyes and attention spans strong enough to have climbed and survived(well... READ) Mt. Textmore and sorry for any spelling/grammar errors. .

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