This is a mission of high preparation(sorta) and need a proper blend of players/ frames. After a handful of attempts on multiple frames, a LOT of things were finally equaling fish(2+2=fish, fish as in Jesus, why didn't I see this answer 'til now?):

  • Its a HIJACK... think defense and support(maybe little attack if skilled enough against the Nullifiers)

   - That said, Frost is one part of the team most likely. Get on the hood(or higher up depending on globe size) of the rover ASAP and stay there. Bring energy regen packs because you are NOT wanting to be magnetize debuff'd.

   - Frost isn't the only one with a defense move! high range Turbulence Zephyr and high range Absorb Nyx can lighten up the stress on Frost's back. Front, middle, or back of the rover, keep it covered as much as possible.

  • the rover gets sabotaged and has to shield leech to run.

   - Saying HIJACK from start will mean Mag shines as your perpetual battery and playing it at first was "ooohhhh... didn't see that one coming" for me... so heads up there.

  • Nullifiers and Anti Moas... SOOOOOOOOOO MANNNNYY

   - The Corpus like to huddle around the Nullifiers to be safe(well its not for warmth x_x cold metal)

   - Nova Can help slow down movements and Loki can shut off the unprotected Moas, BUT have to be VERY careful/lethal around them

        - Scout ahead some for SOME crowd control but not too far in case you get thrown on your back in bleed-out.

   - One in-between attack and support type can be a Trinity and Oberon, more Trin because hp AND shields, but both are an option.

   - You want to attack, but with enough defense tactics in play... you kind of DON'T have to. The enemy nearest the rover are worth a melee to the face.

  • Defense and Support? Check... Now what?</p>

   - Rest is up to your team, pug or planned really. I'm still looking at other options to fill a good last slot frame. 

   - Health and Energy Pack... THANK YOU, Syndicates/Foundry

   - We can't shoot... buuuuut MESA(break the Nullifiers beforehand or its a while to bring her honestly) and SPECTERS can >:D

That's what I got from my runs. Got my stance and want to share my intel. I hope it helps. Feedback, and Comments welcomed as always. b-_^

-DealerC(ign: WarGrylls)

PS: Don't be afraid to explore other options! The frames mentioned aren't the only ones to equal victory.

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