Now I had my suspicions before if DE was going a trinity route when I saw the Hikou, Kunai, and the Dispair way back when. Then the Soma showed up, created a trio family with the Gorgon and Supra. Then U11 gives us impact, puncture and slash, which now made MORE trinity sets for primaries and sides. It did change the throwing knives trinity to more of a puncture family, but back to the topic. the 3 damages made the loved spool-up family into a new trinity where we have (based on the strongest stats):

Gorgon(impact): Corpus



Soon after, we were given the Cernos which made the bow trinity(strongest stats):

Cernos(impact): Corpus

Paris/Paris Prime(puncture): Grineer

Dread(slash): Infested

   Now, ... we have the Magnus. Disregarding the Wiki say that the lex is a "sniper pistol" and looking at it compared to the Vasto and Magnus(which is already compared to the Vasto alread), what do we have thanks to D2.0?:


Semi-Auto Fire

Fair crits

High initial base damage

We now have a crits pistol trinity, with the magnus not having a twin for dual wielding that is, where:

Ak/Lex(puncture): Grineer

Dual/Vastos(slash): Infested

?/Magnus(impact): Corpus

  • Wiki commentors are already wondering about a dual Magnus already, which will potentially(if DE allow and releases to the players) make these crit pistols a crits'ing akimbo trinity.

   I may be overthinking it (although it's a bit fun to about this game, personally), but there may be a trend that may make weapons levling and using a bit more fun. I mean, it made ME quiet my complaining about the ak/lex's flaws and just level it up. It can come in handy as to having a weapons setup that gears towards grineer. I should have seen this when I commonly run into infested missions with my Soma/Dual Vasto/Dual Ether setup, which I do use a LOT. Now I can go Gorgon/Magnus/Fragor and Supra/Aklex(or Cestra, I love the mini-Sup)/ and... I don't know... maybe Jaw Sword or Fang Prime(may just stick with Dual Ethers because they rock at wasting light-armoreds/flesh/infesteds(Check my "spin build" for more info why).

So some of my questions in my mind are showing up more. 

What's the next possible trinity (besides the  crits akimbo one mentioned above, lol)?

Are there any hidden pairs that need a 3rd for a trinity?

  • I see Afuris and Twin Vipers as a pair, but they need a slash buddy for maybe a turbo pistol trinity.

Any others?

What about melees(can't think of any off the top of my mind)?

Will DE continue to make trinities in the future? Think about it: the Steam achievements says there are 0-30 mastery ranks with Grand Master as rank 30(<-jeesus, that's a heapload of weapons/frames/sentinels/planets/codexes/etc!)

What trinities would the players/fans of Warframe like?

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