First off, I'd like to say that the layout looks great, and everyone did a great job on it. Very neat and clean, with consistant formatting and easily legible text.

That being said, there's a few things that could be fixed/improved.

  1. The poll on the main page has reverted back to an old one from the beginning of December about Damage 2.0, as opposed to the current one about Melee 2.0 weapons. Also, the "vote" button has migrated halfway out of the poll box. (For me at least. My resolution is set at 1366x768, if that helps.) Fixed!
  2. The look of the "Play Free" button is a little out of sync with the rest of the page. Maybe make the darker blue a border around the entire thing, or just make the button flat? Fixed!
  3. The symbols on the links for the policies, style guide, etc. are really low resolution.
  4. A logo no longer shows up on the tab for the webpage, just a basic placeholder from Chrome. Fixed!
  5. [Edit] General consensus so far seems to be that the theme is too bright. Maybe an option to switch to a darker version would help? [Edit 2] A change has been made to make it less bright. Opinions? I'll consider this one fixed, unless there is stron opinion otherwise.
  6. [Edit] Many of the images on the main page of the wiki are not loading. (as of Feb. 20). I'm experiencing this issue on the Bleach and Yu-Gi-Oh wikis as well, so I have a hunch the issue may be on Wikia's end. The links themselves are still present, there's just not an image. Image included for your convenience.
Main Page Image Issue

The wonderful world of invisible icons.

 I'm not intending to sound unappreciative, the new look really is awesome. 

Just pointing out some issues I've noticed, so someone with the rights/technical know-how can make things better. Feel free to add anything you guys notice in the comments! If something gets repeated a lot I'll just add it to the main post, to smooth things out.


P.S.: Sorry for the minor wall of text. It's my first blog post, so be gentle with me.

[Edit] I updated the post to match the suggestions/changes made. Keep 'em coming, and we can make this wiki the best it can be!

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