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    Hi all, as my 1st official blog post, I would like to just talk about the new Excalibur! 

    As DE so kindly released a few hours ago: 

    This is..........

    So from the obvious video above, the first thing that probably all excal fans will jump in joy is the removal of 'High Jump'!! YEY! Radial Jiavelin has been moved to the 3rd ability and the forth, new ability, is called Exalted Blade. From here I'll list out the good changes I feel that DE has done to Excal! Why I think some are good, while some arent. 

    • No more High Jump.
    • Exalted Blade is equivalent to Hysteria of Valkyr. Which means that Melee weapons will affect the damage, and also means that Steel Charge will affect it. 
    • Slash Dash is no longer as a duration for range skill, and is now modded …

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