II know there are a few melee weapons in the game just know and another one released today but last night i had a random thought reminding me of the Ninja Gaiden Claws called the Falcon Talons.

A few of you may know what these are but to those who don't they are a pair of claws that one would wear on the backs of their hands that are used to slash and stab at enemies.

Im not sure what it would be called but I did come up with Tsume (its claw or talon on Japanese) 

Now for the stats:

Damage: 25

Falcon Talons

The Falcon Talons in Ninja Gaiden.

Attack rate:1.15 attacks per second

Damage type:Serrated Blade

Crit chance: ??

Crit damage: 150%

Charge Damage:70

Charge time: 1 secs

Short Range weapon 

This is just an opinion of what the stats should be based on other melee weapons in the game at the moment

.Any feedback would be appreciated thanks for reading

(I have posted it on the warframe forums but i posted it here as i think more people might read and actually contribute.)

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