• Demolishorfan

    It's pretty odd, right? Baro Ki Teer has only had two appearances so far and someone already has a prediction for his entire trade rotation? It'll be rubbish!

    That might be true, this entire blog could be absolute beef juice, but I can't say I didn't try, right? Anyhow, after having a short conversation with my friend on the topic of Baro Ki Teer's next trade, something snapped. At first we were joking about some "Troll" Primed mods like "Primed Intruder" or "Primed Marathon", but then we gave our picks for what we actually think the next mods might be, and I said "My bet is on Primed Intensify", and for some reason he said either Serration or Redirection.

    Then we got to the weapon mod, which have both since the start been Shotgun mods. So w…

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  • Demolishorfan

    Please excuse the horrible book reference, I thought it'd be creative at the time. Also, I'm not sure if this blog is valid for a blog or not, but here goes...

    These "Rare Containers" are quite handy when you find them; full of credits, a research item (Fieldron, Detonite Injector or Forma, depending on tileset) a potential blueprint and of course, a 30-60 minute booster.

    Pretty sweet haul, right? Heres the problem: let me go back to the previous sentence; "when you find them". The problem is managing to find one, and that's if it even spawns. There is no indication of it's certified spawn, so if you want to find one you'll have to search the entire tileset in hopes of it showing up. Of course, theres the faint noise that the caches make, bu…

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