A table of all void key drops in missions I personally have collected.

Patch Period: U18.4.13 -> U18.5.3

Node Region Type Tower I Tower II Tower III Tower IV
C D E MD Sa Su C D E MD Sa Su C D E MD Sa Su C D E I MD Sa Su
Lares Mercury Defense
Apollodorus Mercury Survival X
Odin Mercury Interception
Suisei Mercury Spy
Gaia Earth Interception
Lua Earth Excavation
Lith Earth Defense
Cambria Earth Spy
Tycho Earth Survival
Pavlov Earth Spy
Stofler Earth Defense
Coba Earth Dark Sector Defense
Tikal Earth Dark Sector Excavation
Killiken Venus Defense
Unda Venus Spy
E Gate Venus Excavation
Venera Venus Defense
Vesper Venus Spy X
Romula Venus Dark Sector Defense
Malva Venus Dark Sector Excavation
Martialis Mars Spy
Arcadia Mars Survival
Ara Mars Survival
Olympus Mars Defense
Augustus Mars Interception
Wahiba Mars Dark Sector Survival
Kadesh Mars Dark Sector Defense
Io Jupiter Defense
Callisto Jupiter Interception
Adrastea Jupiter Spy X X
Elara Jupiter Survival
Cameria Jupiter Dark Sector Survival
Sinai Jupiter Dark Sector Defense
Aegaeon Saturn Spy
Cassini Saturn Survival
Helene Saturn Defense
Iapetus Saturn Interception
Mimas Saturn Survival
Titan Saturn Spy
Piscinas Saturn Dark Sector Survival
Caracol Saturn Dark Sector Defense
Selkie Sedna Survival
Berehynia Sedna Interception
Hydron Sedna Defense
Scylla Sedna Spy
Camenae Sedna Defense
Tikoloshe Sedna Spy
Yemaja Sedna Survival
Amarna Sedna Dark Sector Survival
Sangeru Sedna Dark Sector Defense
Stickney Phobos Excavation
Drunlo Phobos Defense
Grildig Phobos Spy X
Kepler Phobos Defense
Shklovsky Phobos Spy
Wendell Phobos Excavation
Flimnap Phobos Survival
Opik Phobos Interception
Zeugma Phobos Dark Sector Excavation
Memphis Phobos Dark Sector Defense
Bianca Uranus Defense
Umbriel Uranus Spy
Miranda Uranus Defense
Stephano Uranus Interception
Rosalind Uranus Spy
Cupid Uranus Survival
Ophelia Uranus Survival
Assur Uranus Dark Sector Survival
Ur Uranus Dark Sector Defense
Eligor Europa Defense
Armaros Europa Spy
Ose Europa Interception
Zagan Europa Survival
Paimon Europa Defense
Valac Europa Spy
Valefor Europa Excavation
Lilith Europa Excavation
Cholistan Europa Dark Sector Excavation
Larzac Europa Dark Sector Defense
Cyath Eris Spy
Gnathos Eris Spy
Hymeno Eris Survival
Ixodes Eris Defense
Kala-azar Eris Defense
Nimus Eris Survival
Phalan Eris Survival
Xini Eris Defense
Zabala Eris Dark Sector Survival
Akkad Eris Dark Sector Defense
Proteus Neptune Defense
Despina Neptune Survival
Sao Neptune Spy X
Laomedeia Neptune Spy X
Triton Neptune Excavation
Kelashin Neptune Dark Sector Survival
Yursa Neptune Dark Sector Defense
Nuovo Ceres Survival
Varro Ceres Defense
Lex Ceres Spy
Draco Ceres Interception X X
Casta Ceres Defense
Egeria Ceres Survival X
Hapke Ceres Spy
Gabii Ceres Dark Sector Survival
Seimeni Ceres Dark Sector Defense
Palus Pluto Survival
Narcissus Pluto Defense
Oceanum Pluto Spy
Cerberus Pluto Interception
Outer Terminus Pluto Defense
Heiracon Pluto Dark Sector Survival
Sechura Pluto Dark Sector Defense
Tower I Void Capture
Tower I Void Defense
Tower I Void Exterminate X
Tower I Void Mobile Defense
Tower I Void Sabotage
Tower I Void Survival
Derelict Derelict Defense
Derelict Derelict Sabotage
Derelict Derelict Survival

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