• Desard

    Just a short message to the Warframe Wikia community.

    Can we please please please stop filling the wikia with game story/history/lore that is either opinion or just plain false.

    I like many am very interested in the lore behind Warframe and it kills me a little inside everytime i see 15 pages of lore based on 2 lines of text from the lotus in some mission.

    Peoples opinion is fine i'm not saying lets not discuss it but it needs to be made clear its opinion and just that.

    Looking at the story page from this wiki 95% of it is opinion or false, i played Dark Sector to completion about 3-4 weeks ago for the 3rd time, i have done everything there is to do in Warframe and seen every livestream more than once.

    Tldr; Leave the tinfoil hats at home peopl…

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