Ever since I've started warframe in Oct 2013, I've been hooked ever since. 

I like how DE takes community suggestions and try to implement them in-game.

I have 2 new Warframes to suggest. (I can't really provide artwork though since I'm bad at drawing... But I'll try my best to be as descriptive and concise as possible.)

Feel free to leave your comments! Thanks! (I'll try to come up with a sketch if I have the time)

Name: Aqua (Female)

Element: Water

Build: Balanced Offensive / Defensive (non-support; you could see her like Ember's twin sister or something haha)

[Perhaps there could be inter-frame synergy as well. Like 1+1=3 or something]


A slender, gentle, feminine figure. Straight (Rebonded), translucent (like water - with a tinge of Aquamarine) hair flow from her head to the floor, like a majestic cloak/cape.

A little of her body is exposed between the joints of the armor (eg Breastplate, Arm guards, Legs) at the belly, elbows, knees, shoulders and finger joints, only to show nothing but (shimmering, translucent) water underneath.

Stats: Health: 100 Shield: 100 Energy: 150 Armor: 20 Sprint: 1.1
Polarity: D & V

1st Skill: Aqua Jet [Line of Sight and Punch Through attack]

Description: Blast your foes with high-pressured water jets enough to pierce even armor. (Puncture based damage)

Line of sight with punch through.

Strength mods affect damage. Range mods affect distance punched through.

Duration mods do not affect the skill.

2nd Skill (1): Brine [Mass Enemy debuff]

Description: Soak your surrounding foes with heavily ionized (salted) water.

Enemies are blinded for a set duration. Enemies are more vulnerable to Electric Damage (electric damage multiplier). [Great synergy with Volt? can be seen as a buff for Volt, in a way]

Strength mods affect damage multiplier. Duration mods affect how long it lasts. Range mods affect the area of effect.


2nd Skill (2): Slip [Ally Buff, Enemy Debuff]

Description: Soak the floor and make enemies prone to falling. Your allies however will get a (movement)speed boost walking on the wet floor.

Enemies have a slight chance to fall (and receive small impact damage doing so) while walking on the wet floor.

Allies have a boost in movement speed.

Strength mods affect the chance to fall (enemy) and the boost in speed (ally). Duration mods affect how long it lasts. Range mods affect the area of effect.

3rd Skill: Drown [Mass Attack]

Description: Your surrounding enemies' heads are encapsulated in a sphere of water. Suffocation leads to Damage over Time.

Strength mods affect damage (received in ticks). Duration mods affect how long it lasts. Range affects the area of effect.

4th Skill: Viscosity [Self Buff]

Description: Your body becomes fluid-based. All incoming fire (foe or friendly) will pass through you, rendering you temporarily invulnerable.

(Enemies' bullets will be able to hit their own kind after passing through you)

Duration mods affect how long it lasts.

Strength and Range mods do not affect the skill.

Name: Destiny (Male)

Element: ??? Enigma? Probability? Quantum Mechanics?

Build: Heavy support unit (a male trinity in a way)


A strong, willful, sombre (dark, serious with a tinge of sadness) man. The only outstanding features are on the face is a left eyesocket (no right eye) and both hands (palms). You can see the vastness of space (stars, novas, features of the physical galaxy / universe, etc) in the eyesocket and on the hands.

Stats: Health: 100 Shield: 150 Energy: 200 Armor: 75 Sprint: 1.0
Polarity: Bar & V or Bar & D

1st Skill: Gambit [Team Buff]

Description: Bend the probabilistic nature of the world to your team's advantage.

Weapon and Skill proc chance are increased (by percentage).

Weapon critical chance is increased (by percentage).

Strength mods modify the chance increments. Duration Mods affect the duration of the buff.

Range mods do not affect the skill.

2nd Skill: (Quantum) Tunnelling [Team Buff]

Description: Bullets have a slight chance to bore right through you and your allies' bodies, rendering them benign. Ammunition punched through damages enemies.

Bullets have a slight chance (%) to punch through your team's bodies, dealing no damage in the process.

Strength mods increase the chance. Duration Mods affect the duration of the buff.

Range mods do not affect the skill.

3rd Skill (1): Luck [Drop Rate and Drop Quantity Buff - Cast on Enemies (AOE)]

Description: Luck is on your side, and there is a chance that resource picked up would be twice that of normal.

Drop rates are increased (more chance for that resource/ammo to drop). There is a slight chance that the quantity drop is doubled as well.

Strength mods increase the drop rate chance, and the 2X resource chance. Duration mods increase the time of the buff applied. Range mods affect the area of effect.


3rd Skill (2): Chronosphere [Mass Enemy Debuff]

Description: Enemies (and their bullets) are locked down in a sphere of frozen time. (Stunned and "Frozen" in whatever posture they were in when the skill was cast)

Enemies are unable to move, talk, react, attack, reload, regenerate health and shields for a moment. All bullets fired into the dome are frozen in time too.

HOWEVER, should you walk and accidentally come into contact with "frozen" bullets, you will receive the respective (unbuffed, unnerfed) damage.

Duration mods increase the time of the debuff applied. Range mods affect the area of effect.

Strength mods do not affect the skill.

4th Skill: (The Scrolls of) Fate [Team Buff]

Description: You've rewritten the fate of fallen allies.

Bleed out (not dead) allies are revived.

Strength, Duration and Range mods do not affect the skill.

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