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  • Diamonddeadlock59

    A week or 2 ago, I posted a picture of a Warframe that was leaked on PrimeTime! Turns out I was wrong with the Volt Prime. Haha. The devs have finally confirmed the new Warframe to be an Air-Based, Female Frame. Wow. This new frame might as well be my favorite looking one. Looking forward to play as her! Post your thoughts below! 

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  • Diamonddeadlock59

    So today on Primetime 13, an all new Warframe is leaked. Judging from the "tail" piece, it resembles Volt. It could be Volt Prime. However, the helmet design is extremely different from other Prime and it does not have much in common with Volt though. This could be an entirely new Warframe altogether. Your thoughts on it's looks? I personally like it. So, leave your comments below, and as always, have a good day.

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  • Diamonddeadlock59

    Tutorial Clan?

    December 19, 2013 by Diamonddeadlock59

    Making this quick and simple. In your opinion, should there be a clan for new player to be in, immediately after they past the tutorial?

    Allow me to ellaborate. After the initial tutorial, there is a lot of things left out. For example is wall running. To this day, I still see players struggling to do it. Perhaps a dojo with many training rooms to teach new players everything they should know to navigate the game correctly. Also, a tutorial on mod systems, etc. A system I believe DE should impliment to help new players figure out how to play in about 15 minutes or so. What are your guys' idea?

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  • Diamonddeadlock59

    I just want an idea on what you guys want as a melee weapon in the coming contest.




    -Kali sticks



    I would say my drawing skills are decent. Better than most people, but still. Can't get too cocky, seeing how many amazing artwprk there is on the forums. So I need suggestion. Help me create a weapon the community wants to use! I will have pictures coming up soon. Tell me what you would like to see be added into the game.

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  • Diamonddeadlock59

    So I've been thinking lately...

    What if there was a pair of warframes that was based on Light element and Dark elements? I have a very deep root with mythology, especially Norse, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, a bit of Chinese, and a bit of Japanese. There's always a little rivalry/ moon and sun kind of god. Maybe a yin yang kind of deal going here. Life... Death..., Hot... Cold.... I was thinking about Amaterasu and Tsukuyami. How she's the sun goddess and he's like, the moon god. A twin frame that can be viable alone, but together can be much greater. That's my idea. For the whole motif, I would like for them to be a combination of each other. Like the Yin Yang, one can not exist with out the other. So Amaterasu will be white, but with black arm…

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