So I've been thinking lately...

What if there was a pair of warframes that was based on Light element and Dark elements? I have a very deep root with mythology, especially Norse, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, a bit of Chinese, and a bit of Japanese. There's always a little rivalry/ moon and sun kind of god. Maybe a yin yang kind of deal going here. Life... Death..., Hot... Cold.... I was thinking about Amaterasu and Tsukuyami. How she's the sun goddess and he's like, the moon god. A twin frame that can be viable alone, but together can be much greater. That's my idea. For the whole motif, I would like for them to be a combination of each other. Like the Yin Yang, one can not exist with out the other. So Amaterasu will be white, but with black armor, while Tsukuyami will be black but with white armor. Now for the whole lore.

Lore: (lets keep it short, shall we?)

A small radio signal is transmitted from Earth. The Lotus informs the Tennos a life signature is found at the coordinates, 35.6895° N, 139.6917° E and it is most likely a warframe. The tennos rush there, only to find an army of Grineers surrounding the area of the signal. With way too many to deal with, even with their power, they contact the Lotus. The Lotus then ask for help from the Corpus, their newly formed ally (A treaty was signed after the death of Alad V, by Frohd Bek. Because of the Tenno's help to get him as Chairman, he agrees to end the Zanuka Project, as well as assist the Tennos in battle, and would not take any warframe capsules as long as the Tennos agree to help defend Corpus supply ship from any threat, including rogue Tennos, other Corpuses, Grineers, and Infested, for a year, or in Corpus term, a Sol Cycle, the time it takes for Earth to rotate around the Sun. Why the Earth? Because, they're obsess with everything Orokin, and Earth being it's origin...) The Corpus arrives, and unleashes a brand new drone. One that is a combination of infested, living tissue, and the other, metal... machine... they were slow moving at first... but gradually gained speed. Suddenly, it dashed forward at great agility, knocking and trampling down whoever and whatever was in it's way... In it's right arm was a cannon... charging a clear orb... and when it was released, all the M.O.A and Corpus began to shoot at it... It's left hand was also another cannon. But this one shotted out a black orb. The Tennos could felt it. The gravity and power held within. As it was released, everything began to get sucked in, crushed by the intense pressure of space... no... The void itself... This was the Tennos' worst nightmare. Rhino's 'Rhino Charge', Nova's 'Antimatter Drop', and Vauban's 'Vortex'. But... how? Rhino, Nova, Vauban... they were never captured during the Zanuka Project... How did they copy Warframe technology... But they could not think about this. Their priority was to get the newly discovered warframe to safety. As the battle closed to an end, the Corpus retreated, by the order of Fhohd  Bek himself. "I hope this will satisfy your needs, Tenno... I may not like your kind... you are the betrayers... But, in the name of profit... I shall continue our alliance. Ah, yes, as I can hide no longer, that new drone, you see, is our latest model. An exo-suit really, much like your own...yes... like yours... But do not worry... they are not a threat... They cost way too much... we have tried already... Production is ceased... Unlike our friend... should I say, acquaintence... Alad V... I do not believe secrets and lies to be the best way to have a partnership... I will go now... Good hunting... Tenno..." The Tennos comes to a cave... the area of the coordinates. They walk inside of it, and see's nothing... Perhaps it was a mistake... but then one of the tenno's Dragon key glowed... The cave began to glow and shake violently. A hidden door is opened, revealing an entirely new world... Lush green plants... waterfalls... a river... lake... It was a garden... A zen garden... In the designs of the Orokins. The Tennos walks in and finds a large Cryopod. It was something they have never seen before. On it was a description... "Here lies the last of our hopes... In our darkest hours... and our brightest days. Where Darkness and Light is the same. They are our last hope for the war... They will help us win..." The Tennos contacts The Lotus. She instructs them to place their hands on the pods itself... The cave shakes, the green grass, water, peacefulness disappears... The rocks that makes up the caves vanishes into thin air... Revealing the Pods into the outside world, and revealing the the sudden Solar Eclipse to the Tenno... It was something they had never seen before. The sky darkens as the moon blocks the sun... And the cryopod opens. A Warframe is inside... With energy resonating from it... It wakes up, and stands up, only to collapse moments later. The other's tries to help it back up, but it refuses. As the eclipse begins to seperate, the new warframe begins to resonate energy waves. It starts to glow in a blinding white light, and 2 seperate entities were created... A White, Female Tenno, with black armor, and a , Black, Male Tenno, with white armor. They both release a huge wave of energy, knocking back the others. As they got back up, the Lotus contacts them. "Get to extraction." They ran to extraction, with their 2 new allies. "Great job Tennos. I am please with your findings and performance. Return to base immediately."

What this could mean if these Warframes and lore were implimented into the game:

  • New lore? (Obviously is obvious)
  • New enemy type: The Corpus made "Tennos"
  • New tile set?
  • New Warframe
  • More missions
  • Maybe new weapons to use for the new frames.


Kami; Sun/Light Warframe

Rising Sun (25)

Kami creates a ball of light filled with extreme heat and energy, and then launches it at a target, which it will track down until the target is dead (Think of Nyx's Psychic Bolt, but a bit weaker and can only target a single enemy).

Solar Energy (50)

Kami creates a shockwave, granting all allies the power of the sun. All weapons have fire power to it. (Think of Saryn's 'Contagion', but with fire and everyone is able to have it. (AoE ability)

Pillars of Light (75)

Kami conjures up multiple pillars of light around her, making them tangible, and impaling her enemies. (AoE ability)

Eternal Darkness (100)

Kami creates a ball of light, smashing it into the ground, and it resonates huge amounts of energy waves (Think of Rhino Stomp, but smaller AoE but multiple waves). Enemies hit by it are continuously thrown up and then slammed downwards by their own weight. In the presence of Yami, Kami instead creates waves of energy, and enemies who is in the AoE, health is drained from them, causing some to die. Ball of light turns into ball of darkness, and it is crushed. Dark energy is then resonated to ally, granting them limited invulnarability (For 30 seconds. Cannot be extend by mod). (AoE ability)


Health: 100 (325 at rank 30)

Power: 100 (200 at rank 30)

Armor: 50

Shield Capacity: 125 (375 at rank 30)

Sprint Speed: 1.2

Stamina: 8

Yami; Moon/ Dark/ Fear Warframe

Harakiri (25)

Yami damages himself (-50 shield). Dark energy is relesed from his body and infused into his weapons. Weapon damage is increased by 75% (For 10 seconds) (Does not stack)

Paranoia (50)

Yami releases a small shockwave of dark energy, poisoning the mind of the enemies, giving them hallucination, invoking fear, causing them to panic. Some will drop weapons and run, some will retreat to other rooms.

Phobia (75)

Yami conjures the power of darkness, invoking extreme fear into the enemies, causing mass hysteria. They will attack anything in sight. Some will kill themselves

Harmonic Convergence (100)

Yami charges into battle, attacking with his melee weapons wildly (Think of like a sword barrage while he's running and you can't stop the running, but you control where he runs). Dark energy is released at the end of the barrage, and a shockwave is produced, knocking down any enemy that may be in his way. In the presence of Kami, Yami will create shadow clones of himself, which will be behind him, copying his exact movements (Basically his normal ability, but amplified to like, 2x or 3x the amount of attacks) At the end of the barrage, light energy is resonated to allies, granting them faster base movement, faster reload, faster rate of fire for any weapons, and shield recovers 2x as fast (For 30 seconds. Cannot be extend by mod)


Health: 100 (250 at rank 30)

Power: 100 (200 at rank 30)

Armor: 75

Shield Capacity: 100 (300 at rank 30)

Sprint Speed: 1.1

Stamina: 8

Basically, the abilities of both Warframe tries to compliment each other, where Kami's ability are more physical and more tangible, Yami is more mental and psychological warfare. Kami's ability is also mostly AoE, because the Sun shines it's light all over, so her ability reflects that. Yami on the other hand, is more of a reflection of that. Where people think light is safe, darkness is danger. Even though Kami is light, she's still dangerous. Same with Yami. He's darkness and he's dangerous. When you go into the dark, you're cautious of everything. Every sound. So that's where my ideas for his ability come from. Fear of the dark and make a person do lots of things, for example his 3rd ability, which can cause some enemies to commit suicide. Now before anyone says the abilities are too OP. The only OP part is where they need their counterparts. Without their counterpart, the 2nd part of their 4th ability is not usable. Also, the AoE is quite small, compared to other warframes.

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