Alright, welcome. As many of you know, this is where I put out my ideas for the next Warframe, which will never become reality! Lol, so, now, let's not waste any time. Let's begin.

The name, yes, the name! Cuz we all care what the name is...

I decided to name him... PHYLAX! (Or Shogun, as one of the people in the comment suggested!)

I don't know. It means gaurdian... protector... etc.


He was created, or they, cuz there's obviously more than one Warframe of a model right (Mag, Rhino, etc.)? Alright. So this guy was created by the Orokin's (Whatever they call the ones who made the Warframes!) in the ancient times, when Tennos were at the height of their power, their dominance. Phylax was specifically designed to kill any rogue Tennos (Ahem... STALKER!). This specific frame was made to incapacitate any Tenno basically who abused their power and betrayed the Tenno ways. Um, fast forward to current day Warframe, Phylax's existance was a mere legend. Unknown to the Tennos, the Corpus, as well as the Grineer. The Lotus picks up a small signal, something ancient... (*Whispers* It's a radio signal! A lost Orokin technology!) on none other then the Moon. The Tennos rushes there, only to find hundreds of cryopods... Empty...

Soon, the Corpus and Grineer arrived and began to fight each other. The Tennos joined the battle, demolishing the Corpus mechs, and killing all the Grineers. A dark figure emerged out of Grineer Battleon-Class ship. He was someone the Tennos have never encountered... A general... With a type of armor they had never seen before... It was strange... They began to shoot him... but it was no use... For the first time of their lives, they feared of death...

But then the general fell on the ground... Another dark figure emerged from him. And then 10s, 100s...

In a unified voice... They simply said...

Morituri te Salutamus...

Alright, there's the story.

Motif and Design-

He's basically a Samurai/Ninja mix. As you may know, samurais are often seen as enemies of ninjas. And his duty is to kill any who betrays the Tenno honor. But he's still a ninja, so he's gonna be all acrobatic and stuff. You know, ninja stuff. His stats is based around the idea of a high armor, low health, and fast sprint speed. Just to make him a bit more balanced, stat wise.

Powers! Cuz everyone wants to know... goes by the regular 25,50,75 and 100 incriments.

Unsheathed Slash-(25)

Phylax steps forward and quickly slices the enemies in front of him, causing damage and knocking them back.

Code of Honor-(50)

Phylax punches the ground, creating an impenetrable wall of energy to rise up. Everything can come in, but those that are not Tenno can not come out. (Kinda like Frost's Snow Globe, but smaller radius, and traps enemies inside.)


Warrior's Fury-(50)

Phylax raises his weapon and does a battle cry, making all Warframes in the vicinity to increase in 100% attack speed and 50 % reduction of reload time. This effect last for 10 seconds. Also causes enemies to lose 5% of armor every second for 10 seconds. Does not stack. After those 10 seconds, all stats are returned to normal. (Besides the already reducted armor of current enemies.)

3rd Ability-(75)


Rage of the Tennos-(100)

Phylax creates 2 swords out of energy, and slices wildly with precision, taking down any enemies lurking in his path (Think of a walking forcefield basically)


1236714 10200601481943895 551391395 n

Too much armor is not enough armor.

Health: 50

Power: 100

Shield: 200

Shield Recharge: 20

Sprint Speed: 1.2


Please give me your constructive criticisms! Thanks for reading. Have a nice day. :)

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