Hello, i just joined this site recently and had an idea about a new frame. Since everyone's talking about it (there's already 2 blogs with the same topic on the home page) and since nobody can't resist of getting new frames, i just wanna show you my simply made warframe model. I haven't name it yet, nor setting it's skills/stats so those things will be open for discussion; meaning it's up to you for now.

So, that's all for now. Give me your thoughts about the design, abilities, and stats for it. Speak your mind freely :D

Suggestions and critics are welcome, except for flaming, too hot to be put in the comment section :P

You can also PM me or add my warframe account in case you wanna speak your mind and share some of your ideas to me.



PS: sorry for my broken English


-This frame will be a water/sand type frame, but more likely to be a water type.

-For now, the name will be Hydro or Flucto. I'll be back with a skill set for this frame and a new design for the next one.


Name: Hydro

Health: 100 (300 at rank 30)

Shields: 75 (225 at rank 30)

Power: 150 (225 at rank 30)

Armor: 35

Sprint Speed: 1.15

Power 1: Tidal Wave. Hydro unleashes a water wave that knocks down enemies. Width, knockdown duration and travel distance increase with level. Knockdown duration incresed with Focus, width with Stretch and travel distance with Continuity. Power cost: 25.

Power 2: Bend Light. Hydro covers himself in crystal clean water that bends light around him, making him invisible. Melee and charge damage incresed while active. Duration increases with level and with Continuity. Power cost: 50.

Power 3: Whirlpool. Hydro creates a whirlpool around him that deals continious damage and will stagger enemies. Staggered targets get sucked in to the centre of the whirlpool. Damage will increase if the target is closer to the centre of the whirlpool. Damage, radius, and duration increse with level. Damage can be increased with Focus, radius with Stretch and duration with Continuity. Power cost: 75.

Alternative Power 3 (2): Salt water. Hydro will send a wave of sea water containing high amount of salts in multiple directions and will rusting enemies' armor in seconds, making any armored/robotic enemies can't move due to the rusted armor and deals damage overtime. Range, duration, and damage are increase with level. Stretch, Continuity, and Focus will also be affecting this skill. Will affect enemies in a radius of 6m (level 0). Energy cost: 75

Power 4: Dehydration. Hydro will absorb every liquids inside of the enemies' body (including blood) around him. Deals 1000 damage in a radius of 10m (level 0). Upgrading this power will only affects range/radius, damage amount will still be 1000 on every level. However, for extra damage, you can add Focus. For extra range, just add Stretch and let it do the work. Energy cost: 100

That's all for now. If you have any more suggestions, don't hesitate to post it :)

Credits for the skills goes to Phantom Bootie Slap (thanks, mate :D) and Myself


I just made this model recently. Took me 35 mins to draw and 10 mins of nap XD

Well, here he is.


This is Ammos, the sand type warframe.

Here's the stats:

Name: Ammos (Greek for sand)

Health: 75 (225 at rank 30)

Shield: 100 (300 at rank 30)

Power: 150 (225 at rank 30)

Armor: 75

Sprint Speed: 1.05

Abilities are still remains unknown due to my lack of creativity XD Like always, speak your mind and let all those ideas be written in the comment section. I'll be more than happy to accept all your opinions, critics, and suggestions. And as always, no flaming. Maybe that's all for now, i'll be back when my creativity meter got recovered. See ya :D

EDIT 3: The abilities and new model will be added soon as i got a gap to work on! Stay tuned but don't expect too much from me XD I'm no artist and not a good thinker. Your support and enthusiasm are what makes me keep on drawing and getting more inspirations. Thank you for all your support, fellow Tennos. May the Lotus be with you :D 

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