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    Another blog about Warframe community and their habits in natural enviroment.

    You sure remember the time at the begining. What colour? When I choosed White, black, orange scheme I thought that I am original. Uncounterfeitable. It has ended when I got 15 level on Excalibur. I joined defense and I saw a beautiful creature. Excalibur. With White, black and orange scheme. At first I thought it is coincidence. Then another Exc joined with this scheme. Defense ended and I met another one, and another one. You can call it my overgrown ego.

    I am not saying that it is my style or something. I am acctually very happy to see a fresh excaliburs with my colours :3 I feel important and someway a creator of a uniform. I called him the "Orange Sword".

    If you…

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    I was reading Story and History page here and I was pretty sad. Why? 

    Me, Tenno who has beaten almost every boss and encountered every enemy, was in Orokin, stole lots of artifacts from Void. I don't remember why we are doing this.

    In my opinion DE should do something with this amnesia and mechanics about grinding and leveling just because. 

    What do you think about some off-line parts of game (premade sets) or cutscenes ? These parts would be unlocked by the number of:

    • Mastery
    • Exp
    • level of weapons and frames

    By this we could see what happened in Orokin, born of Excalibur and what Stalkers and Embers codex entries is about. I'm not talking only about Tenno and Warframes but also about:

    • Grineer (their Queens, training progress etc.)
    • Infested (beginni…
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    I came here to tell you my solution to boredom in Warframe.


    The thing is really simple. Gather your best friends/clan members (preferably with all bosses unlocked) and eliminate them in way that they would never expect. Melee only vs. Raptor? Why not?

    Krill and Vor vs. Demoban? Heck ye! Nightmare? THE 'THING IS ABOUT IT!' No loligagging

    My fav is The Ultimate Dream Team Rhino Squadron. No mods for shield or health. Just stamina mods, toxic LMGs, assplosive revolvers and cutting Kogake.

    *need lotsamony and lotsaslots

    Here, have this emoticon ヽ(^Д^)ノ

    Ps. Had anyone seen the Grustrag Three?

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    Whem I woke up 8am 2+ I logged into Warframe for login reward and BTW. check alerts. And I saw it. One of the most wanted things by me. Forma bluebrint. I couldn't do that becuase school was starting in 10 minutes. Alert was defense, if it was extermination or else, this post wouldn't even be here.

    Ps. Make the alert bot more globalized.

    PPs. English isn't my native language. Sorry for any grammar crimes

    EDIT: To all who commented:

    Point is:

    Alert bot favours american time not Greenwich

    Point isn't:

    School is interupting my alert farming.

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