Dirinisinillianaal Elvarasi Kun'Re Dae'Ka Raenin

aka Edgelord

  • I live in In hell.
  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is Homicide
  • I am a Tri-gender Pyrofox
  • Dirinisinillianaal Elvarasi Kun'Re Dae'Ka Raenin

    I am rather new here, having just created my account the same day of writing this...Saying that, I do feel slightly withdrawn, though, so far I have found myself liking those I have come to interact with; hopefully that continues. As the title suggests, this blog is basically my personal space(Or waste thereof) for ranting about random things related to Warframe...Let us begin.

    So, first up; Concepts. Being of a creative and engineering mind, I tend to enjoy creating things, both fictional and real. Saying that, I have found myself becoming addicted to thinking of new things they could do for the game. For one, I honestly think they need a Impact thrown, possibly in the form of throwing hammers, or slingshot styled weapon. Also...I want to …

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